Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Travelling To Venice

We wake and gather our stuff.  Packing up is never fun and then moving from town to town is probably the biggest downside of a land vacation.  To ease this we have only one bag each and both are not full and are easy to manage.  We also each have a PacSafe knapsack that is easy to carry on our backs.  

One other way to ease the travel is to stay in places longer.  We had three nights in Lucca, and now five nights in Venice.  Remember to go at your own pace.

We pre purchased our train tickets to Venice when they had a sale.  Lucca to Florence and then Florence to Venice.  In total it will take just under four hours.  Trains here are comfortable, affordable and quite reliable.  Sure wish Canada had this kind of train services.

I forgot to mention that when I turned my phone on I got a message that my international phone plan had expired today.  What?  I bought a 30 day plan and did not activate it until Sept 26.  Will call Virgin later when I can speak with someone.

We easily change trains in Florence and this time we splurged for first class trains.  Although it is not a huge difference in cost (around 15E more) and it is much more comfortable.  

Food service comes by and we both go for the lunch plan.  It is 18E but includes bread, wine (or beer), coffee, bottle of water and a hot entree, and dessert.  I get the lasagna, bernie got the rice vegetable dish.

This turned out to be a bad idea.  My entree was heated in a microwave and the sides were HOT but the middle cool.  So I had to stir it around to get it hot.  The dish was lasagna with a cheese sauce and pears.  I ate most of it but it was so rich I could not finish it. This meal would come back to haunt me.

We arrive in Venice right on time and we make our way over the Constitution Bridge to Plazza Roma where we are suppose to meet Luca to take us to our Airbnb.  I quickly call him and he says he is running late as we are one of four meets he has today and the earlier one just arrived due to the fog their flight was delayed.  (we later find out that cruise ships sailing in were delayed hours). He asks us to go have a coffee and he will be with us shortly.

This gives me time to call Virgin about my phone plan.  Seems the plan I purchased activates the day you buy it. Silly me, and after talking with the nice rep she offers us another 30 day smaller plan for free.  That is nice and this will help us until the end of our trip.

Luca meets us and takes us to our Airbnb which is in the Santa Croce area and a short distance to walk with our bags.  Again pack light as this could be a pain in Venice.

The apartment is a large one bedroom on the first floor away from the street.  It is not as nice as our last place but that would be hard since our last place was amazing.  

We get settled and un pack a bit and we both notice that it is cold and damp in here.  The heavy fog and cool like Fall temps don't help.  We work hard to figure out how to turn on the heat radiators.  Some help from my followers on my page lead us to the switch at the boiler to turn on the hot water.  

I am not feeling the best.  My stomach is really acting up.  Must of been the lunch!  

We head out to do some groceries nearby and just being near food is making me nauseous. Back at the apartment we decide it might be better to just stay in.  We did have a ghost walk tour planned for that evening but there is no way I can do that.  

remember here you need to weigh your vegetables and place price sticker

Take note of the product code

I am pretty sure that lunch is the culprit.  I am quite sick all night and manage only to get a few hours of sleep. 

Lets hope tomorrow will be better.

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