Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Decided to Kiss the Ground In Sardinia By Accident

After a great rest after a great night we dress and we are on a mission to find a chocolate store to get some chocolates for Antonio (our host on our next let).

As I am walking and checking my phone for the route I decide my face would be better kissing the cobble stones!

Yup I take a tumble!  Banged my shoulder pretty good, but the worst is I twisted that darn ankle again - yup the left one.  

I have twisted it many times (three really bad sprains). You may remember when I twisted it on a ship a few years ago on the first day coming out of the washroom.

Today Bernie rushes to my side to help me up.  Oh right away I can see it swelling.  And the pain!  

Thankfully we are not too far from the hotel but a 4 minute walk takes around 15 as I hobble thru the pain.

As soon as we walk in the courtyard I take a seat while Bernie goes to get me ice.  The cleaners are just starting and they are concerned about me.  Oh the staff here are amazing.  They go to clean our room first so I can rest.

So looks like my day will be spent resting with my foot up and with ice.  Bernie will head out later to get me a tensor bandage so I can wrap it before we head out tomorrow.

We fly to Lisbon via Rome tomorrow.  But again it is not like we have to do a lot of walking.

Silly me - just glad this did not happen at the begining of the trip.


  1. Was this the last entry for this trip? Hope your ankle is OK now

  2. Yes. After the sprain i was sidelined. Ankle is still causing some issues 3 weeks later but much better. Working with it has been painful, but i will survive

  3. new info today, after 3 weeks, and driving the bus for 2 weeks the pain just would not stop, and at the end of the day the pain was so bad it would wake me all night. Today I went to emergency and apparently there is a small break in the bone that connects with the ligaments that tore. So I have to wear a brace and it apparently will heal in 6 to 8 weeks. blah

  4. Replies
    1. I am going back to work tomorrow Monday and will see how it goes. But no overtime that is for sure.