Friday, September 23, 2016

Victoria - Port Stop

We left Vancouver at 4 pm and we are docked in Victoria at 7 am. Now I am not sure the routing but boy 15 hours to get here, we must of gone very very slow, or maybe we went out into open waters and did circles cause the distance between the two cities is not very much.

We are docked at Ogden Point with is around a 7 minute drive to the city center or a 30 minute walk. 

For more info. on visiting Victoria and ways to get around see this blog post by clicking here

The sun is out and it is promising to be a lovely day in the mid 20s.  But it is cooler by the water.

I should let you know as many have asked.  Yes we have been getting the port information sheets.  But yes they are also available in pdf format thru the Princess at sea app while on board.

Talking about the Princess at sea app.  They still have not fixed the way you search for contacts. Currently you have to enter the unique numerical/alpha code that is unique to each passenger which is assigned to you once you register with the app. Once you know the code you enter it and that person gets a notification a notification and accepts or declines the request. 

I don’t know why they can’t change it so you can search by cabin number or name instead.  Security is still in place as they still have to accept. 

Today Bernie is heading into town to the Royal B.C. Museum to check out an exhibit that is happening on the Wolly Mammoth.  Visiting this museum on it’s own is amazing but check out what special showings are happening too.  Also they have a great IMAX theater too so that could be an option.  The museum is located right beside the BC Legislature and very easy to get to.  Here is a link to the museums website.

I am staying on board and relaxing.  Not sure what I will do but the movie Me Before You is playing in the cabins so that might be a good option.

I sit and enjoy a latte - apparently this is suppose to be a Disney Character.  I guess Shrek (but I don't believe Shrek is Disney).  Barista says no.... apparently it is Whinnie the Poo 

Other things happening today are:  ping pong tournament, basketball, morning trivia, pub lunch, charades, $10 sale, Scattergories, golf chipping, zumba, finding big foot, Mark Harris has a lecture about sea turtles, happy hour, Arts and Crafts – origami, shuffleboard,  bingo and NFL game at Mutts.

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