Sunday, September 25, 2016

Disembarkation in San Francisco

We wake just before 7 to the feeling of the ship docking.  

We quickly shower and head to the dining room for some cereal and fruit.  

We are asked for a table of two and we were told it would be a while.  

Now we can see that the dining room is not busy and we know they want to discourage people from asking for deuces.  But today we just don't have time for a big table.

We say we will wait and about five minutes later we are taken to a table for two.  Hmm, we know the game but if you want a table for two then hold your ground.  But again have to say dining on the Island in the Dining room is a game of patience and understanding.

The service was great and we were in and out within 20 minutes.

We are in the first walk off group.  We meet at our assigned time of 745 in Wheelhouse - note there was no Platinum Elite disembarkation lounge.

Things are running a bit late.  At around 8:15 we are called that we can get off.  

The issue really is not with Princess it is more with the Customs agents, and to tell you the truth San Francisco seems to be an issue often.  Of all the US ports we have entered and had to clear customs San Francisco continues to be the worst, even with the new port and only one ship in port.

Today the issue is there is only one agent for the first half hour that is assigned to Non US citizens.  Considering the ship left Vancouver there are a lot of Canadians on board.  

We are in the first group to get off but we waited about a half hour in the Customs line.  Note they did assign another agent to the Non US group as we made it to the front and that helped.

Note the US Citizens line seem to be processed rather quickly.  But this is not always the case.

We walked down to the Embarcadero Station at Market Street and went to catch the BART.  However they were announcing issues with the BART and that there was also a bus bridge due to work and could be up to an hour delay.  

So we went back up to the street level and hailed a taxi and took it to the airport.

We arrive in plenty of time for our noon flight - have Nexus which gives us TSA pre clearance sure helped.

Flight home was rather uneventful and we were back home around 3:30 pm.  

The trip was just what we needed after dealing with so many issues at home and at work lately.  A short getaway that fell perfectly during our weekend and great friends on board.

Overall this three day was one of our best ones.  The only negative was the ship and it's changes since dry dock, which of course we managed with but was truly our only negative.


  1. It's 8:19 in the east. How can this be posted in SF. Crazy time travel.

  2. Lol this post was posted after the cruise

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