Friday, September 23, 2016

At Sea After Victoria - Evening

As Bernie returned to the ship we both knew where we would be eating.  Alfredo’s!  Bernie’s favorite.  On the Island Princess Sabatinis opens at lunch as Alfredo’s Pizzaria.  

We are seated by the window where we watch our departure from Victoria.

Our server Rosa surprises us as we just sailed with her on the Royal at the beginning of this year.  Since then she has gone home to Argentina and come to the Island. 

Bernie gets the vegetarian and I get the Margarita Pizza.   Note the menu is more limited than the larger ships dedicated Alfredo’s but it is still very good.

The afternoon calls for a nap.  Two nights with little sleep is catching up with me.

After a short nap we head off to Crooners to meet up with friends from my Facebook fan page as well as the Princess Cruiseline Lovers page.  

Pat and her Mom, Diane, Monika, us and Mary Jane and Peter.  I should say that we first tried to get into the Elite lounge in Explorers but it just had Bingo and they need to clean and set up for elite lounge.

Even at five after five they were still not open so we gave up and went to Crooners and paid full price for the drinks.  This is the downfall of having no Universe Lounge As normally bingo would have been held there.  So with fewer lounges events are difficult to plan and also set up and take down.

So take note if you have early seating it could be an issue if you attend the elite lounge.  We did end up here eventually for a cosmo and some munchies and it was quiet as early diners had left already.

After a great visit with everyone we head back to the cabin for a quick shower To meet up with Antonio, Diane and Jorge and Nice.

But finding them is difficult at 7:30 as the Atrium is quite busy.  They are doing the champagne waterfall right there and crowds are all over.  Not to mention all the photography backdrops all around cutting off the minimal space you already have.  Oh and then they have the sale item tables outside the shops!  

This seems crazy to me.  Sure I understand you want people to pose for pics,  you want people to buy items, you want people to participate in  the champagne waterfall.  But now you also have people queuing for second seating, and those trying to get into the dining room. I really miss the larger ship now.

Someone asked me today if I had to choose between the Island and a Grand class ship which would I choose.  Hands down the Grand Class.  Sadly the Island is our least favorite due to the recent changes to the ship with no aft lounge.  Dark and windowless gym.  No International CafĂ©.  Two dining rooms right off the Atrium which always have issues with passenger flow.  

If I had to choose between Island and Coral for Panama I would choose Coral (that has not had the changes, but still has issue with dining room).

But I wouldn’t turn down the Island, it just would not be my first choice.  The ship overall looks amazing and the crew are top notch.

Okay back to tonight.  We have reservations for 730 and we are taken upstairs to the traditional dining room and sat at a lovely table for six. 

It is the Italian menu tonight and I start with the salad, then the penne pasta as my appetizer, then the scallop and shrimp dish which was good but too heavy. 

After Dinner We (Bernie, Diane and I) make Our Way To Explorers Lounge To Play Majority Rules and have some laughs.  We stay for karaoke and the Happy hour which here is at 10:30 to 11:30 – buy one get one for a dollar.  Pat and Monika are here with us and when the dj starts we are up dancing.  And we barely sat down. 

We crawl into bed around 1:45 and smile … oh what a great night.

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