Friday, September 23, 2016

Sea Day – Friday

You would think I could sleep in.  Nope!  I am awake as Bernie heads out to get a tea.  After a half hour of him being gone I head out too to find him.  

I find him chatting with Monika and we all head to the dining room for breakfast.  A quick bowl of cereal and a fruit plate and we are good to go.  Note the dining room is only open until 9 so make sure to arrive before then.

I missed Mark Harris’ lecture yesterday but we make a point of getting to it today.  His talk is all about dolphins.   Quite enjoyable and Mark keeps it light and fun.

After the lecture we sit in Crooners and catch up with Mark for over an hour.  So nice to see him again.

Of course if Bernie has any say we are heading back to Alfredo’s for lunch and sure enough that is where we end up.  

Today it is much busier but just as good as yesterday.

I am able to get online and check in for our flights tomorrow.  

We have around 500 in transit staying on for the Panama and pretty much all those getting off tomorrow have walk off.  There is a large group who has a set time and they have luggage (I am guessing they had some tour prior). 

We got walk off group one which is like 7:40 am.  So plenty of time. 

I go in search of a quiet place to read but finding it almost impossible.  I try the sitting in the area outside Sabatinis but three couples sit next to me and are talking loudly.   

I move to the indoor pool but right away it won’t work as it is very noisy with sounds echoing all around.

Okay let’s try Horizon Court.  It is relatively quiet As it is around 330.  I grab a tea and scone and sit and read.  

But within ten minutes a group arrives and sits nearby so again I have to move on. 

Back to the Atrium but it is very busy here.  I give up.  I am rather frustrated, and being tired doesn’t help.  I know I need to head back to the cabin and rest and if Bernie is still asleep hopefully I won't wake him.

So I return to the cabin where Bernie is still napping.  I decide I need a nap too, for everyone's sake.

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