Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sea Day Evening - Dinner at The Bayou Cafe

Crooners when it is quiet
When I wake Bernie is getting ready.  I am feeling much better.  A nap was a good idea.

Bernie heads to Crooners so I can get ready.  I meet him there around 7 pm.  We both enjoy a Bramble and he tells me about a conversation he had with these three women from Vancouver.  

One woman went on about once you move up to the next level in the Captain Circle program Princess automatically upgrades you.  

Bernie tried to correct her but she was adamant. Note she was platinum and never did ask Bernie about his loyalty level or experience with Princess.  

But sorry ladies upgrades prior to a cruise do not have any bearing on how often you have cruised.

The next woman asked Bernie what was the longest cruise he had been on.  He responded 49 days.  Her response was oh I never could do more than ten to twelve days as I have pets.  Bernie nodded, her next comment was that her dream was to do a world cruise.  Bernie smiled and said you do know that a world cruise is longer than 12 days by around 10 Times.  

I laughed as he told me this story. 

Monika joined us for drinks.  At 8 we all head to the Bayou café for dinner.  We both have a free meal here as one of the most travelled passengers on board. They have given us a meal at any of the specialty restaurants.  Otherwise the cost is $29 per person.

Monika go the porterhouse steak

We enjoy a bottle of Prosecco (Princess 50th Anniversary bottle) and cheer another great trip.

I start with the sausage with grits as my appetizer. 

For my entrée I have the chicken that I thought would be spicy but it is not at all and adding hot sauce to it helps.

For dessert I have the Norman Love peanut butter bar.  So yummy!  Bernie gets the peach cobbler and we all taste his so the waiters brings another one so we can enjoy more of it. 

Pat joined us for dessert - and Bernie feeds her his Peach Cobbler

Overall the meal was fantastic. I like it here.  Especially the Jazz band that plays.  Service is good.  The waiters are busy but I am impressed with the head waiter helping out.

After dinner we head down to Explorers and it is busy.  It is Happy Hour and we order a bramble from Mabel.  

Jorge and Nice join us and we do some dancing and crowd watching.  

There are quite a few younger passengers trying to get drinks.  Bar Staff are checking ID to ensure they are old enough.  Another issue is many people are bringing their drinks onto the dance floor which has staff scrambling to retrieve.

We head back to the cabin and crash.

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