Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What Flight Would You Pick

As per my previous blog I have to rebook flights to Genoa.

I have two options - help me pick - all prices in Canadian also we have a 9 hour time change:

option 1: $731 a 1321 flight (Air Transat) Vancouver to London then 2.5 hours layover then flight to Genoa arriving at 1225 pm. But to do this flight I will have to take some time off work Fri (lose pay) to catch flight and VERY long routing. 

option 2: $524 a 1830 flight (Westjet) Vancouver to London then 2.38 hours then flight to Paris, 4 hour layover, arriving in Genoa at 22:20  - no loss of pay but long day.

option 3: $466 a 1830 flight (Westjet) Vancouver to London then 20 hour layover (but for around $100 we can get hotel at airport and rest up) next day catch 8 am flight to Genoa 

What would you pick?


  1. option three would be my choice . then option 1

  2. Option 3 would be my choice - I don't mind the long routing but I don't like arriving at a really late hour in a new location.