Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Best Passenger - Aidan

This isn't about cruising, but it is about someone very special to me.  I first met Aidan about a month ago when he rode my bus.  He then got on again a few weeks later and after discussing things with him and his nurse we arranged to have Aidan tour the Poco Transit Depot.

Today was hands down the best day of my career. Aidan who is 10 - will be 11 on Oct 8, he made sure to advise me of this, rode my bus. He met me for my 159 at Braid then rode all the way to the bus depot. 

Once there the staff in the front office welcomed him. He was given all kinds of fun stuff. 

Then the maintenance supervisor Chuck showed him the maintenance yard where the buses get fixed. We then walked thru the depot and introduced him to quite a few drivers, some who knew him. He was sure in his element.

He talked about wanting to work here someday. Said he could empty the fair boxes as a job, or work with computers. I told him he definately could do anything.

I then had to get to Coquitlam for my second piece of work and Aidan was not tired and asked her could join me for my second piece of work.

When we went out to Poco Stn, Supervisor Bob got him a private ride in a shuttle that just happened to be deadheading there. Aidan loved the ride in the Community Shuttle bus.

Then Aidan boarded my 152 and rode that route and stayed on for my 151 back to Coquitlam where he insisted he wanted to ride the bendy 701 bus home. We made sure that happened.

Thank you to all the drivers who introduced yourself to him. He was talking about many of you later on in the day.

Oh and I am happy to say that according to Aidan, I am the best bus driver! Yup, and then his next comment "I am your best passenger right" you sure are Aidan. Also I am suppose to print out a picture of him and I together, and put it on my desk. Too cute.

What a gift to the world he is. I am blessed to call him friend.


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  2. Well done you! I'm sure you made that boys day (week, month) and he will remember your kindness forever.