Friday, July 8, 2016

How To Pre Order All Your Italy Tickets To Major Sites

One tip I learned from Rick Steves that has been priceless is:  

Pre reserve your all your tickets to the major sites in Florence, Rome, Venice and others large cities.  This allows you to skip the line (which can be quite long during prime season).  

There are many booking sites out there that will reserve tickets for you (I call them brokers) and add an additional fee to secure these tickets. But by going directly with the establishment you cut out the middle man and save money.  

Here is an example for exactly the same ticket for Florence's Uffizi Gallery Tickets with skip the line:

Viator - 28 Euros
Musement - 20 Euros
Florence Museum - 24.50 Euros
Italy Tickets - 26.50 Euros

But directly with the Museums Site - 16.50 Euros 

What I really dislike is it is hard to determine what is the official site and what isn't.  Those brokers make their sites look VERY official.  

Last year we pre reserved for the Colosseum/Forum in Rome, Vatican Museum, Doge's Palace in Venice.  

Here are the Official sites that we used, click the links below.  

Most of the above sites do offer tours that include entry.  Or you can reserve audio guides.  Or better yet download Rick Steves free audio guides and tour independently.

Hope this helps.

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