Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Insides Come Available At Great Price

Remember when I wrote about wanting to book an inside for our Trans Atlantic on the Royal but it looked like Princess had locked them out.  Here is a link to that blog.

Well yesterday they opened up those insides.  

You see when a ship has a lot of cabins left relatively close to sailing. Princess is going to try and sell the balconies first. They will offer upsells to those in insides to balconies for a nominal fee, then once they have sold some balconies they will open up the available insides.

Because of the Ship Mate App I have that notifies me (for free) when there is a price drop. I got an email saying insides were lower. That meant insides were once again available.

The price just couldn't be beat either.  An IE sideways inside for $850. This means a $500 per person savings from our balcony to this inside.  

Although I would love the balcony I don't really need it and right  now I need the savings more.  That $1,000 will go far towards other things.  Plus on a Trans Altantic and so many sea days I don't think I will miss the balcony too much.  Also we find we tend to venture out to the public areas more when we are in an inside. Another big perk is that insides are so much quieter than balconies, and way darker. 

I got in touch with my agent and we are now in A217 for the Trans Atlantic and in A216 for the five day Caribbean. Which dropped by a $100 last week - thanks again Ship Mate App.

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