Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flights Booked Part Deux

Option three won out.  So many of you were right.  The 20 hours is long but it will give us time to rest up and try to adjust to the time change.

So we are booked on the Westjet flight leaving Vancouver at 1830 arriving in London at 1147 the next day.  For a $20 added fee we were able to reserve our seats too. The one pain was they had a cheap price for one $390, but when you search for two the price jumped up.  We therefore booked one of us on the cheaper fare. Then booked the other at the higher price $487. And because we reserved seats we are sitting together.

We then booked the British Airways flight for 15 £ each plus taxes and fees which ended up making it a total cost of 42 £ each.  Wow what a steal!

So cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Westjet flight: $487 for one, $390 for the other total:  $877 Canadian
  • British Airways flight:  42 £ each or $141 Canadian total  
Old flights were $1420 new flights are $1018 (but we do need to pay for a hotel/food).  That is $781 US for both of us to fly one way.  Now that is a deal.

We still have to book a hotel near Gatwick.  If any of you have a recommendation let me know.

I also like the idea of taking the train to London once we get in. 

We now get into Genoa at 1100 am on Sunday.  Hopefully more refreshed. 


  1. Vickie -- If I am understanding this, you have a sleepover in London and then a flight to Genoa the next day. There is a Hilton Hotel in the Gatwick airport. I stayed there using Hilton Honors points, so I don't know how pricey it is, but it would save a shuttle to outside the airport.

    1. thanks - I had seen there was a Hilton there and it did look close but wasn't sure. The price was only a $100 - sounds like it would work great.

  2. arggghhhhhhhh was looking through this rollcall. and the dates sorta work for us....looked at the air?????? not from Alaska for cheap or better yet, free....Lots of coach seats available but on a 30 some hour flight....I remember last year Vickie....Darn, wish we were going.....!!!!!! Big price drops now....just like you said....