Sunday, June 2, 2013

Friday May 31st – College Fjord

We are not scheduled to arrive in College Fjord till much later but the morning is filled with numerous events but we are happy to lounge in bed watching a movie.  

Happy that the coffee bar is so close by as we can get a coffee and bring it back within five minutes.  Now if only we could train Sanoi the barista there to deliver it. 

Today is the Most Travelled Luncheon which is being held in the Pacific Moon dining room at noon.  The most travelled is a couple from Texas with 579 days which is one of the lowest number of days we have ever seen.  But still just over 200 more days than we have.

We are sat with Nigel Stewart the Hotel General Manager along with a lovely couple from Abbotsford BC that we actually met on the hike in Juneau at the glacier.  The lunch was very good with an avocado/seafood starter, sea bass with lobster risotto as the entrée and then a very yummy dessert.

After lunch we just relaxed for a bit until the wine tasting which was held in the International Café.  Again it was nice to see some new wines.

After the wine tasting we changed into warmer clothes so we could head out and enjoy the College Fjord.  We are scheduled to arrive late afternoon and many people are heading to dinner and it is a formal night.  Thankfully we are anytime dining so we can dine later.  It is cold out though, well it is mainly because of the wind.  As we sail up College Fjord Mark the Naturalist comes over the speaker to explain what we are looking at.  As we approach Harvard Glacier we are in awe, stunning! 

As we retreat from the glacier we make our way back to the cabin to dress and head to the International Dining Room – yes this is the traditional dining room but Irma the head waiter has told us to come see her around second seating as there is lots of space.  Boy is she right.  The dining room is half empty, not sure if it is specifically because it is the last night or cause it is College Fjord but we it is quiet. 
I have the turkey as usual and it is a bit different than what we have had before, no polenta and the corn bread is there now but the meal is very good.  And then the Baked Alaska came out but not to the usual Hot Hot Hot but to Gangham Style – totally cool and fun.

Not much is going on tonight that we are interested in so we are back in the cabin around 10 pm and we are fast asleep.  We dock at 11:30 pm in Whittier and many of the crew are getting off to go to the local pub and even though they want us to go too I have no interested in going anywhere at 11:30 let alone to a bar.

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