Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday May 30 – Galcier Bay

I am up early and I am dressed and out on the Promenade deck to watch as we enter Glacier Bay.  There are a few of us out there and even though it is cold out I am dressed appropriately.  I have jeans, long sleeve top, fleece jacket and my weather proof jacket, gloves come out later. 

As we enter the Bay there is quite a bit of wildlife, we spot whales in the distance, lots of seals right at the surface and numerous birds.

They are serving hot chocolate and coffee out on deck and of course you can spike it with your choice of liquid if necessary.

The park ranger has come on what I like is he is talking intermittently not constantly however the volume is very loud to the point it is hard to make out what he is saying. 

Bernie pointing out a glacier to Mark

I will add that while travelling in Glacier Bay the rules are very strict.  You are not allowed to bring paper napkins, paper cups, leave food around on the open decks.  This is to ensure that nothing goes overboard or that the birds feed on people food.

We are going in slow because there is so much ice in the water.  We are following the NCL Jewel (I believe) and we make our way slowly towards to the Margerie Glacier passing Johns Hopkins Inlet to our left and Russell Island to the right travelling up Tarr Inlet.

We arrive at the base of Margerie and Grand Pacific Glacier around 11 am and the Captain spends about an hour there turning the ship to ensure a great view from all areas.

Around noon we head back to the cabin and we see some more whales in the distance.  But we are hungry and very tired after getting up so early. 

We decide to order room service – two club house sandwiches very yummy.  And then we are out like a light for a few hours.

Tonight is formal night and we also have the Captain Circle Party.  We are invited to the second party and glad too as the Captain attended that party, he couldn’t make it to the first party because we were delayed in Glacier Bay because of the ice and the ranger didn’t get off until about two hours late and he was needed on the bridge.

Have to say this is the smallest Captain Circle party and it included the Gold/Medalion members cause there are so few people Captain Circle Members.  There are only 81 elites on board.

For dinner we head to the Savoy dining room to try and get a table in Sandudee’s section and his great waiter Na both from Thailand.  So nice to see him again and of course they take such great care of us. 

I have the spring roll to start, the appetizer size of raviloli and then the pork for my entrée and Sandudee insists we get a lobster tail.  But I am not a huge fan of lobster especially the one on the ship just too rich for me but I did have a bite and others around us loved the lobster.  We didn’t have any dessert as we promised to meet up with friends for the show tonight.

We attend the Born to Be Wild Show and loved it – this is the first time I have seen it and how the heck do they get the pink Cadillac on the stage?

Brett the CD is hosting the big party in the Atrium this evening and we head there and dance dance dance and the place is packed.  We had a great time and Brett is a GREAT host.  At midnight we are crawling into bed.
Brett our great CD


  1. Love the Alaska cruises! We have gone 3 times. I am ready to go again!

  2. Thanks Vickie,
    I am reading everyday and enjoying it. Brings back lots of memories. Wish I were there with you.