Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Skagway June 4th

Last week this is the lookout we walked to

We dock early and we are at the same pier with the Celebrity ship behind us, a Holland America ship is with the Star Princess at the other pier.  It is overcast and looks like we might get some sprinkles too.  

Bernie heads to the coffee bar to get me my latte and his tea and he placed the coffee card with a  dollar tip on the bar for Sanoi to punch and take and then he saw Mark the naturalist and walked over to say hi for a few minutes.  When he came back he got his drinks and left realizing he had left his card he went back but Sanoi had said that there was no card there just the dollar tip.  Looks like another passengers decided they needed the coffee card more than us and walked off with it.  Thankfully we had used up most of the card except for about five punches.  

Sanoi was a sweetie and offered to take care of us but it isn’t her fault but our own stupidity.  We have two other cards in the cabin so we will survive.  But we learned a lesson. 

Don’t know if I had mentioned but last cruise Bernie had a man ask to take his photo and the man had put his binoculars down and when he came back for them someone had taken them.  Wonder what is wrong with people that they would take what is not theirs.

We head up to the Horizon Court and get a good breakfast in to fuel up for our hike. 

We are off the ship and I am dressed in layers, yoga pants, short sleeve top, my fleece and a wind breaker but I soon have to pack away the fleece as it is too warm for it as I start the hike.  We head towards town and right when you get to 2nd street turn left and cross the railroad tracks.  A short distance away is the entrance to Lower Dewey Lake Trail and also Upper Dewey Lake Trail.  Our goal is to do the Upper trail.

But even going up the Lower Trail is a moderate hike and is about a mile long.  At the junction sign follow the trail north across several wooden footbridges to the Upper Dewey Lake Trail.  The trail climbs steeply through a series of switchbacks.  This is an all day hike with a climb of about 3,100 feet plus the amount to get to the start of the trail so around 3,500 feet.  You definitely want to wear appropriate footwear.  Runners could pass if very dry climates but hiking shoes are certainly better as you need the traction on the variety of surfaces you will climb. 

The trail is very strenuous and depending on the time of year can be very wet.  We encountered snow at the top end of the trail and very muddy sections.  We made it very close to the top but had to turn around about a half a mile from the lake as it was just too wet and hard to get around.  We did make it to the top of the tree line so we can say we did that! 

picture taken from ship, we walked to the top of the tree line and over to the meadow

In all it took us about five hours to climb up and back down with a short stop for a break.  Coming down was harder than going up as we had to continually look down to see where we could put our feet safely and I often required Bernie’s hand to assist me with big steps down.

We did it but I can say at the end we were  so tired!!!   We walked back into town as Bernie wanted more fudge from the Alaskan Fudge Company and I promised Michelle from the cruise staff a cupcake from Sugar Mammas as she is stuck on the ship today.  We had one each too as we figured we earned it!

My knees are killing me as we hobble back on board.  We head upstairs to grab a burger and some salad and then I am back in the cabin for a shower and I crawl into bed and I warn my man that Vickie needs a nap or she will not be a happy cruisers. 

We end up eating dinner late in the Savoy dining room in Na’s section with Sandudee.  It is quiet in here tonight as we didn’t leave Skagway till late (suppose to leave at 8 but due to late passengers we left only at 8:45, lucky passengers as it is a short trip to Juneau). 

Tonight’s Production show is I Got the Music and we meet up with Mark and we sit together and watch the show.  I get a few more shots of the performance…. Remember you can take pics of the show but no flash and definitely no video.

The dancers and singers get off in Vancouver soon and they are excited to be going home but are very busy getting things ready for the hand over. 

Even after the show finishes we sit and chat with Mark and once again we are not in bed until midnight.

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