Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5th Juneau

Bernie thowing Larry out of the Red Dog Saloon 

We are docking early today (6 am) but we have plans only at 8 am.  Our friend Larry from Orlando Florida is in town today for the start of his adventure.  But his is independent and not on a cruise ship.  Although we met Larry and his lovely wife Amy on a cruise ship many years ago we have kept in touch and sailed with them once more and have had them to our home when they sailed to Alaska.  Also last January they came to Fort Lauderdale to see us when we were on the Emerald.

We arranged to meet Larry at the pier and walk into town for breakfast and the Sandpiper.  It was a very yummy breakfast, but truly we just wanted to catch up with Larry.

After breakfast we walked around a bit, heading back towards to the pier.  It is wet with intermittent showers and cold because of the dampness.  So glad we did the Glacier hike last week as it would not of been fun today.

Larry drops off us off at the gangway around 11 am and we get back on and decide to stay on board for the remainder of our stay.  We leave at 3:30 and we are both tired.  Bernie heads back to the cabin and I head to the Atrium to find a quiet spot to read and enjoy a cup of tea to warm up.  But it is busy with activity as the gangway is here. 

I wander to the wheelhouse bar and curl up on a couch by a window.  I have the whole place to myself…. For about five minutes, when this couple come in and where do they sit?  But right beside me and then the women proceeds to get on her cell phone and phone friends and family.  And of course she can’t have a normal volume while talking!  I try to give that look, you know the look, but nope she didn’t get it.  After about five minutes I give up and wander out.

I meet up with Bernie and we head up to the Horizon Court for a light lunch and then I head to see Libby Riddles talk.  I know I have seen most of it, but it was a good show again, and make sure you check it out if you head up here. 

Mark is doing a lecture on whales but it is happening close to when we sail away and I want to see the sail away, so we pop in near the back of the Princess Theater until we set sail and then we head out to the Promenade Deck. 

The Golden has come into port – docked around noon.  I take a few pics of her and then watch as we set sail away from Juneau.

As we pass the hatchery on the port side we see a few eagles in the trees.  I am looking for sheep as this is a good spot for them, near Sheep Creek but nope didn’t see any.  Good chance to catch some whales too this evening but I am afraid we will be in a dinner then.

Tonight is also the Captain Circle Party – they are only have one party!  Wow some sailings we get two parties for two nights!  Tonight is also a formal night and Irma insists we head to the International Dining room to eat and Bernie just loves Irma so I guess we are going there after the party. 

No production show tonight but there is an illusionist performing that we had on the last voyage.  Not sure if we will be going or not.  Also Brett is doing his tv theme trivia tonight too, not sure if it is the same as last voyage or not.  With so many back to back travellers I would be surprised if it is.

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