Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ketchikan June 6th

We dock at 10 am and we are awake around 8 am for the picturesque views coming down the channel.  We turn the tv on and put it on 49 where they show the bridge cam so we can listen to Mark the naturalist discuss sights as we arrive.  We stare out our cabin window with binoculars close by to watch the eagles and the fish jumping.

Not sure what we are going to do today.  It is raining out, it is cold and wet (reminds me of home).  Bernie heads up to the Horizon Court and when he comes back he tells me it is an absolute zoo up there.  I told him it would be.  With docking at 10 am everyone is still on board for breakfast.  He tells me there is a woman he sat with who was complaining about the discounted price she had heard others had gotten.  When he tells her yes, they were selling this off for cheaply.  He informs her that that price was for an inside cabin guarantee.  Oh no not an inside she says.  Well that is what you get for that price, for a bit more we got an oceanview.  But for a balcony it was a lot more even last minute.

I head up to the Hozion Court a little later after the ship has docked and many have started getting off.  I am not that hungry but want something.  I am tired today, feel run down and think today is going to be a day of pure relaxation.

We give our steward the time to clean the cabin by sitting in Explorer’s Lounge for awhile doing Suduko and Bernie reads and then participates in the Trivia.  Trivia is popular this voyage but even though Bernie loves the trivia he doesn’t like to take it too seriously and so many others do so he makes sure to join others who are also there to just have fun.

Back in the cabin around noon and I change into more comfortable clothes and crash for like three hours.  Guess my body needed it.

When we wake the cabin comes on in the cabin – kind of odd as normally when the Captain is sailing away they don’t announce in the cabin, but this voyage we have found they have often made announcements in the cabin when they really should be.  Like early one morning (I believe it was Skagway) they did the bing bing bing in the cabin to say the ship had clearance for people to go ashore.

The Captain warns us that we are heading out into open waters for a bit and the weather may cause a bit more movement than what we are use to.  Finally I think, have to say for the past two weeks I have not felt like I have been at sea at all.  So very smooth and I kind of miss the rocking.

We head to Calypso to see Ali and finally Michael her boyfriend has proposed!  Finally!  We met Michael and Ali last year on the Star and after talking with Michael at the beginning of this voyage he told us he was going to finally propose.  We have been waiting since then for the ring to show up.  Finally today Ali is sporting a lovey diamond ring!  We had bought a card earlier in the voyage for them to congratulate them and finally we can give it to them.  We know we are not true family but we want them to know how much we love them and that we are happy for them.  Congratulations to a lovely couple.  Heck we hope we get an invite to the wedding.

We head to Wheelhouse to have a drink with Peter and a few friends pop by.  We will miss Peter and not sure when we will see him again, but somehow I bet we will see him again.

Dinner tonight is in Savoy dining room again with Na and Sandudee.  It is the Chef’s dinner and I love this menu but want to switch some things up.  I order the standard shrimp cocktail but for my entrĂ©e I see that they have in the always available section an Oscar burger which is a standard burger but with asparagus and crab with Bernaisse sauce. I have to try it.  It looks lovely when it comes but both my fries and Bernie’s fries are cold.  We order a side of fresh/hot fries.  I remove the bun and just eat the meat and it is so good.  We opt for no dessert tonight but instead have some fudge from the cabin that we bought in Skagway.

Tonight is the last night for the cast of the Diamond Princess and the show is Born to Be Wild.  We get seats up close so I can get more pictures and we LOVE it.  We notice a few little fun bits the cast is obviously having a great time and they are so excited to be going home.

I am so tired after the show, my throat is rough and I need a hot drink and bed – too much singing along I guess.

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