Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 7th Sea Day

Had a good sleep but my voice is completely gone – go figure! 

We relax in bed and we both head up to Horizon Court for a small meal as we know we have our Most Travelled Luncheon today and it is always good and lots of food.

For the Luncheon we are number 11 of the most travelled.  We get the pic with the Captain and head to our seat.  For today’s luncheon we are sat at a table that is meant for 6 people but there are 8 of us!  We are squished in.  Bernie pushes his seat out and sits away from the table as there is no way he can push his chair up to the table because of the arms.  I am sitting beside the Chief Engineer Michele from Italy but he is squished in too.  And he basically has an obstacle course to go over to get to his seat.  Not sure what happened but boy it was not comfortable.

Because I am not feeling 100% I opt for no wine and stick with water.  The appetizer was a lovely seafood dish, and I had the halibut for my entrĂ©e.  Dessert was little cakes and then bon bons with tea/coffee. 

Overall it was a nice luncheon but not comfortable.  Two women at our table barely said a word even though we tried to ask them questions and get them talking but gave up.  But this experience today reconfirms why I prefer the cocktail party with great finger foods over the luncheon any day.

We spend the afternoon relaxing by reading, doing Suduko, saying goodbye to so many of our new friends and crew.  We meet up with Mark the naturalist and then Alberto to share some of the pictures I took with them.

Bernie does the packing – I learned from another friend’s blog that it is much safer for only one person to do the packing.  I have taken her advice and since Bernie is certainly capable of packing and we are only taking a bus home and no flight I appreciate him taking care of it. 

For dinner we are heading to the Savoy again to dine with Peter.  We have a lovely dinner with him and then we head to the Wheelhouse for after dinner drinks.   We are in bed just after midnight.

Another great voyage has come to an end.  Even though this was a last minute trip and was planned to surprise our Peter for his birthday it ended up being a great vacation.  We saw lots of great places, especially enjoyed all the hikes.  It was truly lovely to see so many friends on board and to meet so many new people too.

I asked Bernie on the last day if he would be open to doing another Alaskan cruise like this and he quickly responded “yes, but I prefer warm weather cruises”.  So who knows we may sail to Alaska again.


  1. Glad the overall results were good!! The ship sounds like it needs a little refurbishing!? We really hope to do an Alaskan cruise sometime real soon. :) Vicki, thanks for all your updates. Keep up the great work.


  2. So happy to read your last two posts (I've been checking and checking for them), but sorry that your cruise is over and even sorrier that you're not feeling well. Take care of yourself and thanks for your wonderful blogging!

    (Could I be the friend who packa one at a time?? That's sounds VERY familiar). ;-)

    1. Hi Jeannie, I am feeling better today. It hit me hard this chest cold as many at home also have it. but I would rather be ill on a ship than at work. Yes you are the person i was referring to when i mentioned only one person can pack at a time. Even though Bernie doesn't pack necessarily the way "I" would he gets the job done and I am happy about that. That cabin is no where big enough when we unpack or pack or even get ready. Often Bernie is ready for dinner before I and I say "meet me at .... " saves our marriage.