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Cabo San Lucas

We are in the harbour early and thankfully we slept thru the tenders and we are happy that we have been able to sleep in today.

We head ashore around 9:30 am after a short tender ride.The weather is nice, not too hot but the sun can still burn so be careful.

When we hit the dock we start walking, and one thing about Cabo you really have to walk all around the whole pier to get anywhere and the whole harbour, so if you have mobility issues take note.But for all others it is flat and there is a lot to look at so enjoy the nice stroll.
Now our only real goal here is to head out for a great local meal.We kind of remember the place we want to and where it is but it is one of two roads and we start heading north on the road we think it is on only to realize after about 20 min that it must be the road to the right so we head over one block and start walking back hoping to find it but we can’t seem to locate it.
Bernie says lets just try a new place and we walk into the restaurant right there and…


We dock early and we are so happy to see we are at the pier right in the downtown.Last time we were here we were at he port in the harbour that is the container port and a distance from town.

We get off around 9 am after a small bite to eat in the Horizon Court then a latte.We walk down the long pier and there are people there welcoming us to Manzanillo, it is so nice to be back in Mexico.

We head straight past the large statue of the Marlin, the large Mexican flag, the large bicycle and the large propeller statue, they like things large here in Manzanillo.

One of the main streets for shopping is right in front of the pier, we quickly find the one main thing we have been looking – Maja soap.We use to be able to get it in Vancouver but haven’t seen it for a few years.We ended up buying all the soap they had which was 13 bars!But I am still going to look for more soap in Cabo.

We wander around a little bit more but we really don’t have much time as we have to be back on board for 12:30.


Sea Days

Another rough night, coughing and it is in my chest and I know this is not normal.I even tried to do the Sudoku and my head just was totally out of it and was able to complete it but I didn’t get in the top three.

I head back down to the doctors and he does confirm I have bronchitis and it has gone deep into my chest so he prescribes antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine and the total bill came to $104 which will be covered by our provincial medical.
I wish I could say I had an exciting day but I just crashed, took my medicine and slept, read, watched tv, and relaxed.Bernie brought me soup and tea for lunch and slept some more.

Bernie is also suffering with bronchitis but he has his inhaler to help him but we are worried they may be close to being emptied.We decide to shower and head upstairs for dinner in Horizon Court (it is formal night but we are so not into it), in fact we were suppose to do Crown Grill but with so many of us sick with this cold we cancelled.And just as well sinc…

San Juan Del Sur

We are tendering this morning and the dropping of the tenders wakes us around 7 am.We feel today would be a great beach day.We arrange with Alice to meet her at 9;30 in the International Café and we will go ashore together.

We head up to the Horizon Court for breakfast.The place isn’t too busy but the service is very poor.Lots of staff but many of them are just standing around.Our table must have been invisible as not a single person came to ask us for water, tea, coffee etc.I finally get up to get some milk and water and the first station has nomilk.I go to the second and they have only a little milk.A head waiter is right beside me (I’ve dealt with the same guy before when he asked me to leave a table cause the section was closing, which I didn’t) and I ask nicely for more milk.He said someone would be by to get more milk soon, I then walked five feet to the next jug and filled my glass there and said thanks I took care of it myself.For some reason the service in Horizon Court is t…

Sea Day

I sleep in and if I am going to make it to the Sudoku challenge I have to run, which ends up throwing off my game.It was an easy puzzle and I made a silly mistake, corrected it and then forgot to fill in one square!But that is okay, it is just fun to play, and I am happy Russell won something for coming in second.

I get my latte and read for a while then head to the casino for a little video poker and walk away while I am up $15.

Alice was nice enough to include me in the Most Travelled Passenger Luncheon.There is no way I would of qualified or even come close, apparently the cut off for days for the lunch was 400 days!So I went as Alice’s guest and was thankful.We were sat at a table with a lovely couple from Washington state, and then Federic the Captain Circle Host and Sylvain the Future Cruise Consultant who is from Asbestos very close to where I grew up in Drummondville and he now lives in Vancouver.The meal was delicious, we started with a ceviche, then I chose the veal and there …

Puntarenas Costa Rica

This is our third time here and we really were torn at what we wanted to do.We were hoping our favorite adventure park would have been opened by now but sadly no because we would of done that hands down!

Instead we booked an EcoRiver tour thru Princess for a cost of $69 per person, but once we got on board the price had rise to $75 (but we were charge the price we originally booked at).
Again we never do Princess tours, and swore we wouldn’t do it again but this was the only option to see the river tour and wildlife as I couldn’t find anything private.
We met in the Princess Theater at 8:30 and right away people are complaining around us and then we are shuttled off to the pier and an air conditioned bus, and thank God it is because it is HOT, very HOT.This is their hottest month they said and I feel like I am sitting beside a barbecue.
We are on our way and our guide is very knowledgeable and gives us great information about the country and the city and what we are going to see.The drive…

Manta Ecuador

We are pulling into the harbour, we are about an hour late because we left Lima so late but that only means we are arriving around 8 am.We dock and on the other side of the dock is a tuna boat that is off loading frozen tuna, it was still unloading the tuna when we left the harbour at 6 pm.

We have a tour today that Sandy from Cruisecritic organized.We meet ashore at 9 am with our guide, there are ten of us in the tour.Our guide Terresa was very knowledgeable and her English was very good but some pronunciation of words was interesting in fact one time we thought she was talking about bottles, when in fact it was buttons she was saying.That was funny.

I wish I could actually name the places we actually visited but the tour group was just a bit much!It seemed that two people just talked and talked and constantly complained that it really took away from the tour.Every chance we could we got away from them as fast as we could.

I wanted to learn more about Equador and especially Manta and tr…

Sea Day -- Crossing the Equator and Connie and Derricks Renewal of Vows

Today is the big day… all of us Pollywogs officially become Shellbacks.I am very excited to be participating in the ceremony but a little nervous too but I know they won’t do anything bad to me.

We are up around 6:30 and we know it is going to be a very hot day because we are so close to the Equator.

We head down for our espresso and chat with Gerry and Lynn and Tommi.At 9:30 I participate in the Suduko challenge and come in first and get another Lanyard.Thankfully it was an easier one today.
I put in our form to get two more Future Cruise Credits, this will give us four each so we have to do some bookings when we get home.Always remember to get a Future Cruise Credit when you are on board.They cost a $100 each and they sit in your Cruise Personalizer on Princess until you need them for a booking.The next booking you make you can apply the $100 Credit to your booking and it is used as your deposit!Also you then get an on board credit for that cruise which is based on the cabin type and c…