Wednesday, March 14, 2012

San Juan Del Sur

We are tendering this morning and the dropping of the tenders wakes us around 7 am.  We feel today would be a great beach day.  We arrange with Alice to meet her at 9;30 in the International CafĂ© and we will go ashore together.

We head up to the Horizon Court for breakfast.  The place isn’t too busy but the service is very poor.  Lots of staff but many of them are just standing around.  Our table must have been invisible as not a single person came to ask us for water, tea, coffee etc.  I finally get up to get some milk and water and the first station has no milk.  I go to the second and they have only a little milk.  A head waiter is right beside me (I’ve dealt with the same guy before when he asked me to leave a table cause the section was closing, which I didn’t) and I ask nicely for more milk.  He said someone would be by to get more milk soon, I then walked five feet to the next jug and filled my glass there and said thanks I took care of it myself.  For some reason the service in Horizon Court is the worst we have ever experienced, sure sometimes it is good but more times than not it is very bad.

We are told the wind is very strong and the tenders are going to take longer (45 min) and it is very wind on shore and the three of us decide to just stay on board and enjoy the sun decks.

The entire day was spent sun tanning, reading, burger and fries and then a nap.

Dinner is in Capri dining room and it is Italian night and Alice brings a bottle of wine and we brought a bottle of wine and well what can I say after three bottles of wine we are feeling no pain.  Thankfully two sea days coming.

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  1. Last week on the Coral Princess we couldn't even tender because of the winds and the fact that they have a floating pontoon for a pier. I wonder how much the pier construction has to do with missing the port.