Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cabo San Lucas

We are in the harbour early and thankfully we slept thru the tenders and we are happy that we have been able to sleep in today.

We head ashore around 9:30 am after a short tender ride.  The weather is nice, not too hot but the sun can still burn so be careful.

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When we hit the dock we start walking, and one thing about Cabo you really have to walk all around the whole pier to get anywhere and the whole harbour, so if you have mobility issues take note.  But for all others it is flat and there is a lot to look at so enjoy the nice stroll.

Now our only real goal here is to head out for a great local meal.  We kind of remember the place we want to and where it is but it is one of two roads and we start heading north on the road we think it is on only to realize after about 20 min that it must be the road to the right so we head over one block and start walking back hoping to find it but we can’t seem to locate it.

Bernie says lets just try a new place and we walk into the restaurant right there and enjoy a wonderful meal.  So good, and the spices, oh my mouth is watering just thinking of it.

We leave and cross the street heading back to town to our laughs we see the restaurant we were looking for right there!  Silly us.  But we had a good meal anyways.

We have to be back on board at 2:30 and I am okay with heading back now at 1:00, I don’t really care for Cabo that much, too commercial, too American.  It is pretty and there is a reason all the celebrities come here but I much prefer the smaller authentic less touristy spots.

Once back on board I head up to the aft pool on deck 16 to read and watch sailaway but can’t keep my eyes open so head back to the cabin to sit on the balcony to watch the wildlife, lots of seals, whales, birds and some said they saw dolphins but I didn’t.

Tonight we are having dinner with friends and meet up in Vines.  While at Vines we see Captain Perrin and since he is getting off in San Francisco we meet Captain Todd McBain who is taking over.  We remember him from our last voyage on the Star.  We all head into the dining room.  We are such a large table though and we can’t really communicate very well. 

The dinner theme is the Chef’s dinner again, this is the second time they have done this menu on this voyage. 

It is an early night for us, need a good sleep and it is nice to spend some time together on the balcony just watching the seas go by.

We have two sea days left and then home.

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