Friday, March 16, 2012


We dock early and we are so happy to see we are at the pier right in the downtown.  Last time we were here we were at he port in the harbour that is the container port and a distance from town. 

We get off around 9 am after a small bite to eat in the Horizon Court then a latte.  We walk down the long pier and there are people there welcoming us to Manzanillo, it is so nice to be back in Mexico.

We head straight past the large statue of the Marlin, the large Mexican flag, the large bicycle and the large propeller statue, they like things large here in Manzanillo.

One of the main streets for shopping is right in front of the pier, we quickly find the one main thing we have been looking – Maja soap.  We use to be able to get it in Vancouver but haven’t seen it for a few years.  We ended up buying all the soap they had which was 13 bars!  But I am still going to look for more soap in Cabo.

We wander around a little bit more but we really don’t have much time as we have to be back on board for 12:30.

Once we are back on board I head up to take some pictures and to watch sail away and Bernie joins me soon after.  It is a lovely city and we both agree we really miss Mexico and definitely want to do a land vacation back soon.

We grab our books and head out to the open back deck to enjoy the sun but don’t want to be out too long as the sun is still really strong and the last thing we need is a burn.

the white resort is a place we stayed at for a two week holiday

We are now back in the room, we spend some time on the balcony watching turtles and spot a few whales.  Bernie is just napping when the Captain comes on over the speaker in the cabin and we always brace ourselves because when that happens it is something important.

Captain Perrin has just announced that we have picked up speed to get us to Cabo sooner, two hours sooner.  Apparently the weather forecast is showing strong winds for Saturday and Sunday and because the last thing you want to arrive late into San Francisco on Monday he has made the decision to get in two hours early into Cabo and leave two hours early and try to get in front of the storm as much as possible.

This is a good thing and once again Captain Perrin has done a great job keeping us all informed and doing everything in his power to ensure the trip runs smoothly.

Tonight Bernie and I have decided to have a lovely dinner for the two us for a little romantic time together.

Clocks go back another hour today, our final change – defiantly a plus when doing the voyage East to West

We head down to the Capri dining room and let Oscar the head waiter know tonight we just want a romantic table for two, we are sat in Rico’s section and he was a dear and very attentive.  The menu was the Princess Dinner and I started with the fettuccini appetizer and then the salad then I had the prawn kabob as my entrĂ©e.  Neither of us want dessert so we get up to leave and see Ernest/Bill, Dow/Nancy, Robert/Gary at the table near us so we pop by to say hi and they ask us to join them at the Rainbow Bar.  I ask where is the Rainbow Bar?  They say the casino bar and it is where the LGBT people meet.

We do meet up with them in the Rainbow bar!  We had a great time and a few Cosmos, well three!  Bill kept buying them for me!  Since he is a doctor he says it is okay, and I trust him.  One of the bartenders Chris said “you are Vickie right from Cruise Critic” yes I said he remembered us from the Emerald last January and he really liked us and was so happy we were back and we were loyal to Princess.  How sweet, and we comment that the reason we love Princess is because of crew like him.  We meet lots of new people and all of sudden it was one am.  Thankfully the clocks go back so it really is only midnight.

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