Monday, March 12, 2012

Puntarenas Costa Rica

This is our third time here and we really were torn at what we wanted to do.  We were hoping our favorite adventure park would have been opened by now but sadly no because we would of done that hands down!

Instead we booked an Eco River tour thru Princess for a cost of $69 per person, but once we got on board the price had rise to $75 (but we were charge the price we originally booked at). 

Again we never do Princess tours, and swore we wouldn’t do it again but this was the only option to see the river tour and wildlife as I couldn’t find anything private.

We met in the Princess Theater at 8:30 and right away people are complaining around us and then we are shuttled off to the pier and an air conditioned bus, and thank God it is because it is HOT, very HOT.  This is their hottest month they said and I feel like I am sitting beside a barbecue.

We are on our way and our guide is very knowledgeable and gives us great information about the country and the city and what we are going to see.  The drive is about an hour long.

We arrive at the park and there are about five large buses there and it is very busy and I start to get worried, oh no is this how it is going to be? 

two scarlet macaws in the trees along the banks

Right away we make our way to the boat and we are sat two by two and we travel for about an hour and a half up the river seeing 17 different species of birds and mammals.  Check out the pics!

When we return to the main area we are excited to see two scarlet macaws right in the tree near us!  What a treat.  We are served cold beverages (water, ice tea or Imperial Beer) and then fruit and oh my that fruit was so good.

We are back on the bus and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open so I doze off and on for the ride back.

When we are back at the boat we decide to head out to town to try and find a pharmacy to get some cough syrup for it seems our colds have gone into our chests.  Thankfully we find one open on a Sunday.

The heat is just too much so we both agree time to head home to the ship and air conditioning and a bite to eat, we are back on around 3:30.

Barb and Craig come over for a glass of wine and Bernie and I try to decide what to do for dinner tonight.  Neither one of us is really hungry but wouldn’t mind something small and we really don’t want to dress for dinner.

We throw on our bathing suits and t shirt and shorts and head up to the Horizon Court for soup, roll, cheese and some olives. 

The enclosed pool is very quiet only two others are in the pool and we swim for a bit and then make our way to the Lotus Spa and the sauna hoping that it will help with our chest congestion and it does.

We are back in the cabin and we both think an early evening is just fine.  Tomorrow we are in Nicaraguan. 


  1. Dear Vicky, I am enjoying so much to read about your past cruise. We are with you on a leg from Valparaiso to LA.
    Please let me know the name of adventure park in Puntarens, which you were not able to get into.
    Nadia Shkolnikov

    1. so glad you will be joining us in Valparaiso. The adventure park that closed was called Tuburai (i believe) this time around we are going to a different adventure park. Right now there are six of us booked but we still have room for more if you are interested. here are the details from the person organizing the tour from the cruise critic website:

      Still looking for something to do in Costa Rica?

      -No Deposit Required- at this point, all I need to know is your name and how many so the Adventure Park can make sure we have a vehicle to take us all If you aren't sure, let me know at the M&G or anytime during the cruise if you change your mind.
      Puntarenas, Costa Rica - Scenic Rain Forest tour, Zipline Adventure, and Lunch Included!

      Waterfall Canopy Tour Includes our Off-Road Truck Adventure with Scenic Views and lunch after the tour. Adventure Park - licensed by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism.

      This unique canopy tour includes:
      • 25 minutes in our Off-Road Truck Adventure with Scenic Views
      • 25 zip lines in total (Add the Superman Flight to the Waterfall Zip line tour for US$ 15 per person)
      • 2 rappelings over a waterfall each
      • 1 suspended bridge
      • On the line #9 from the 25, the chance to jump in a spring water mountain pool
      • Lunch after the tour.

      Tour Date: March 29th 2014
      Tour: Waterfall Canopy Tour Incl. our Off-Road Truck Adventure w/Scenic Views and lunch after the tour.
      Tours Start: 9:00am (We pick up from Puntarenas pier at 8 am for our Zip line tour which is the biggest in Costa Rica. Transportation round trip from the pier will be depending on the amount of people on the group and the cost will be split between all the participants (currently $7.50 pp r/t)
      Costs Tour:
      -currently $84.15 pp (total w/transportation - $92; with Superman Flight add $15)
      -when we get 10 passengers the price will drop to $79.20 (total w/transportation - $87; with Superman Flight add $15)
      -if we hit 15+ passengers cost will drop further to $74.25 (total w/transportation - $82; with Superman Flight add $15)