Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sea Days

Another rough night, coughing and it is in my chest and I know this is not normal.  I even tried to do the Sudoku and my head just was totally out of it and was able to complete it but I didn’t get in the top three.

I head back down to the doctors and he does confirm I have bronchitis and it has gone deep into my chest so he prescribes antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine and the total bill came to $104 which will be covered by our provincial medical. 

I wish I could say I had an exciting day but I just crashed, took my medicine and slept, read, watched tv, and relaxed.  Bernie brought me soup and tea for lunch and slept some more.

Bernie is also suffering with bronchitis but he has his inhaler to help him but we are worried they may be close to being emptied. 
We decide to shower and head upstairs for dinner in Horizon Court (it is formal night but we are so not into it), in fact we were suppose to do Crown Grill but with so many of us sick with this cold we cancelled.  And just as well since all I can eat is a bowl of soup and some tea. 

We wander around for a bit and buy some ball caps in the boutiques (port ball caps two for $20). We are both so drained we are in bed at 8 pm and have a good sleep.

I wake for the second sea day feeling much better, not a 100% but I know that the antibiotics have kicked in.  Bernie has to see the doctor for more inhaler medicine since he has officially run out and he is not doing well with his lungs really having a hard time breathing, even climbing one flight of stairs is tough.  I send him down to the doctors.

We have breakfast in the dining room and sat with a lovely couple from Oregon.  Then our standard sit in the International CafĂ© and enjoy my latte and Bernie his tea.

I tried the Sudoku but it is a hard one and I just can’t get into it, feeling way out of it and didn’t even complete it, will try it later.

This afternoon I have invited the ladies over for a little girl time, afternoon tea and facials and pedicures/manicures.  With Elite status you can have afternoon tea delivered to your cabin so I have arranged that and Mae has given me extra face clothes and towels and wine glasses so we are all set.

I have the room set up for the girl’s pampering session, I have facial mask stuff, nail files (from Mae), got some fruit from Horizon Court, extra napkins and when the tea is delivered I set it up and open some wine too.  The ladies arrive and we all have a good laugh as we sip tea and put on facial masks and then start doing our nails.  It is a fun day that doesn’t cost anything and a great way to spend the afternoon with wonderful friends.

Bernie goes to the Princess Theatre to watch the Movie “the Help” while we are busy in the cabin.

After everyone leaves and Bernie returns we relax and I finally finish that tough Sudoku.  Matais said if we bring the completed puzzle to the next challenge he will draw three from them for prizes.  I am just glad I finished it finally.

We both are not interested in dressing for dinner in the dining room so we head up to the Horizon Court and have a lovely meal of Indian Food, funny I had just been commenting two nights ago that I would love some good Indian Food!  La Voila Indian Food, it was tame but it was a nice change.  Not to worry if you don’t like Indian there were lots of different options.

Connie joins us for the Multi Media Trivia which is all about movie posters, 40 questions and we got 38 out of 40 but one team got 40.  But since we have seen this trivia before we know it and I am sure the team that got 100% has seen it before too.  The prize was a bottle of champagne so we don’t mind not winning.

We take a lovely walk up on the open decks checking out the stars and some cuddling, a few kisses under the stars, you would think we were honeymooners but something about being at sea brings out the romance.  Even when we are under the weather.

Tomorrow we are in Manzanillo and we can’t wait we love it there, we spend a two week vacation there once.  Sadly we are not there for very long though.

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