Monday, March 12, 2012

Sea Day

I sleep in and if I am going to make it to the Sudoku challenge I have to run, which ends up throwing off my game.  It was an easy puzzle and I made a silly mistake, corrected it and then forgot to fill in one square!  But that is okay, it is just fun to play, and I am happy Russell won something for coming in second.

I get my latte and read for a while then head to the casino for a little video poker and walk away while I am up $15.

Alice was nice enough to include me in the Most Travelled Passenger Luncheon.  There is no way I would of qualified or even come close, apparently the cut off for days for the lunch was 400 days!  So I went as Alice’s guest and was thankful.  We were sat at a table with a lovely couple from Washington state, and then Federic the Captain Circle Host and Sylvain the Future Cruise Consultant who is from Asbestos very close to where I grew up in Drummondville and he now lives in Vancouver.  The meal was delicious, we started with a ceviche, then I chose the veal and there was a lovely chocolate dessert.  We got out of there around two.

I need a nap, something about being a ship says “have naps!” so I listen. 

We arrange to have dinner with Jan and Michael in the Amafi dining room which is the traditional dining room at 8:15, they have a table for six and they are the only ones there.  Dou keeps telling us to come eat there so we decide to give it a try. 

Dou gives us a special serving of soup that he prepared for Barbara and her cold.  It was very good.  I had the surf and turf and it was very good. 

Now Bernie and I haven’t done traditional since anytime came into being and boy after last night we realize traditional is not for us.  Our poor server is run off his feet right in the beginning when all the tables get sat at once.  We brought a bottle of champagne and he didn’t get it opened for 15 minutes and it was not kept chilled.  Water glasses were not refilled very quickly.  Again I can’t blame the wait staff they were very good but they need more staff period!  Also a very loud passenger is sat right at the table beside us, annoying yes but having to sit beside him every day would of driven us totally made.  Nope Anytime is for us.

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