Friday, March 2, 2018


Well it is over! I am in fact writing this the next day.  Let me try and jog my memory on how the day played out.

We don’t have a flight till much later (1:30) so we request a late disembarkation.

The alarm goes off at 7 am and we shower and pack up the last few items.

We make sure to be out of the cabin prior to 8 am as noted in the disembarkation information.  The stewards all need to work very hard to get all the cabins cleaned and ready for turn around. 

It is amazing how they pull it all off getting every cabin ready within a few hours.  Just think of a hotel that would have to do that.  It just would never happen!  So I am impressed.

I suggest the Allegro dining room for breakfast.  It closes at 8:30 today so we high tail it down there.  We head to the Aft elevator bank on our floor. We know the elevators will be busy so when Bernie gets one he rolls on his roller bag and I take the stairs down to deck 6.. 

It is relatively quiet in here.  I order the scrambled eggs with asparagus (the special) and we reflect on the cruise and how sad it is to leave.  But our future is exciting and we are looking forward to the rest of the year - stay tuned.

It is now around 8:30 am and they announce that they are ahead of schedule.  I am not surprised since there is only one other ship in port with us.

We sit in the International Cafe with Margaret and Liz (The Moms). Soon Dylan joins us for a last goodbye.

We run into Cruise Staff Nathalie who has some news.  She is heading to the Island Princess for a few weeks as Cruise Director.  This is a big step for her.  Her first time in this position.  It is only temporary but it is a step in the right direction and we are very proud of her.

We end up leaving the beautiful Royal Princess at 9:30 and we are in a taxi within 15 minutes.

At the airport after a short taxi ride and we are checking in.

Home by 9:00 pm - midnight in Florida.  

Thanks for following along.

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