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Cost of Cruising Going Up?

Yesterday I was reading an article put out by Cruise Radio called Cruise Boss Tells Guests to Pay Up.

This article is about NCL CEO Frank Del Rio justifying the cost of cruising and how it is going up.  

Now sure, running a cruise corporation is a business and they have shareholders that they have to account to so I get raising prices.  In fact I think all cruise corporations think exactly like Frank does but are afraid to say it to the media. 

If we raise the price of drinks, tours, cabins, excursions, specialty restaurants will people pay?


Cost of cruising itself has only recently seen a substantial increase from when I started cruising back in 1990.  I can go back and see that, on average a cost of around $80 per day for an inside and around $100 a day for a balcony. Sure some cruises were more some were less. 

Where costs have really gone up is once I am on board.  I remember when drinks were around $5. When sodas were free, espresso drinks too.  Okay but I am dating myself…

My Reflection on Cruising the Mediterranean on the Island Princess

We have been back for a month now and I have been meaning to do a blog post about the entire cruise.  Our thoughts on the itinerary, flights, ship, food, entertainment, ports.  I am sorry it has taken so long, but with getting back in the swing of things at work and then Christmas it was always put on the back burner.


We flew from Vancouver to Rome via London on British Airways.  We booked it ourselves as we could get a better price than what Princess was offering at the time.  But it is worth looking at both options.

It is a long flight, but the biggest issue for us was the time change and jet lag.  Be prepared to be tired and make sure to give yourself enough time to rest when you arrive.

Make sure you arrive a few days before your cruise.  The cruise is going to be exhausting so having a few days in the embarkation port to rest and adjust to the time is key.

Take a shuttle service from airport to city for quick, efficient and very cost effective service.  It was just a bit mo…

Our Two Last Days Sea

What can I say about today…. Well just repeat most other sea days.
Breakfast up in Horizon Court and I have to say I was quite saddened to hear a hostess speaking to another crew member about a passenger.  I know she thought I did not hear or understand her, but I did and I was saddened.  Later I did mention it to a head waiter that we know quite well for him to deal with it how he wants.
They finally have a speedy Sudoku challenge today (thanks Chris) in the Wheelhouse.  It is well attended and it was a difficult one but I am happy to say I did come in third.  However they held it again the next day and I gave up after 20 minutes when I couldn’t read the puzzle anymore after erasing so much and still only two winners had been called.I checked out the fruit and vegetable carving demonstration – wow these guys have talent.
There is another Onboard Outlet Sale going on but I tried to go in three times but it was way too busy and gave up.  I am sure there was nothing I really needed in ther…

Day at Sea Nov 22, 2015

It is so nice to see such a friendly face on the Patter today.Chris Sweets our new Cruise Director is on the cover.He is doing a great job and hope he gets his permanent position as CD soon.
I slept like a baby but Bernie was up most of the night.  We slowly get ready and head to the Horizon Court for a light breakfast.  Clothes are definitely tighter and reality is kicking in.  A diet is in order as soon as we get home!
After reading in the coffee bar for quite a while and enjoy my coffee we both agree it may be worth heading outside as the weather has changed and it is much much warmer. 
We change into bathing suits and head up to the Sun deck.  Sadly this ship has no outdoor pool that is away from MUTS.  Princess Bride is playing on the big screen and it is almost impossible to even carry on a conversation if you are sitting nearby.  I still wish Princess would not play movies during the day here.  Light music and images would be fine.  You can’t even see the screen that well during …

At Sea – November 20, 2015

This is our third day at sea out of six.  Seas have calmed down considerably.  The weather has also improved and gotten warmer and more sun.  Definitely can sit out by the pool more comfortably but windy.

After slowly getting dressed we head up to the Horizon Court for breakfast and sit with Barbara and George.  They are participating in Passenger Talent Show which will be tomorrow and we promise them we will be there to support them.

I wish I could say our days were filled with exciting things that would keep you all on the edge of your seats but nope it was rather boring.  But for us boring is okay.  

We sit in the Atrium and enjoy our latte while chatting with people there.  I do a bit of reading but it is getting busy here and too noisy.  We grab our stuff and head to the open deck where we sit and read for awhile and look out at the ocean – ahhhh.  Can you picture it?  

Around 12 pm we both agree it is time for a hamburger.  We love the hamburgers up on the open deck at the Trident G…

First Two Sea Day

Well what can I say, sea days are sea days – also known as relaxation days.

We gained an hour the first night and are up and showered and able to dine in the dining room for breakfast again.  

Bernie and I both want pancakes, especially since the ones we had yesterday were hot.  Well sadly neither of our stacks of pancakes were hot this time.  Warm but not hot.  

The butter just rested on top in a solid state.  Oh well I guess it was good while it lasted.

It is very windy and the ship is rocking.  Many people are commenting and many are feeling the effects, even the crew.  Us we feel great.  I will add the next day the winds died down but the seas got worse and we were really rolling.  Holding on to railings was key and I just hoped anyone with mobility issues were okay.  This is certainly not the worst seas I have experienced.  I have had worse seas off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, and just off the coast of Fort Lauderdale too.

By the third day at sea the seas have calmed and it is warmer…

A Cruise Friend For Life - Gone Too Soon

You know we get to meet so many wonderful people in our travels. With some we really connect with. 

Whenever we sailed with Jimmy and Lynn Burns (which was often) we knew a lot of laughing would be involved. 

We met them a few years ago when I was doing Zumba and Lynn was watching.  Right away we both recognized each other as we had sailed together a few times prior.  

After that meeting whenever we sailed with them we always had a great time with them.  Long conversations at either James' table in Horizon Court or just outside of it on the Lido deck by the pool.  His signature hat made him easy to spot.  

If Bernie went up for some food and was gone for a while I knew he was sitting with Jimmy and chatting about everything. Sure enough I would head up and there they would be.

Jimmy would always read my blog when we sailed together. He would laugh and say whenever I saw him "boy you are having a fun time I need to follow you".  

We had the pleasure of being tablemates last yea…