Wednesday, December 16, 2015

First Two Sea Day

Well what can I say, sea days are sea days – also known as relaxation days.

We gained an hour the first night and are up and showered and able to dine in the dining room for breakfast again.  

Bernie and I both want pancakes, especially since the ones we had yesterday were hot.  Well sadly neither of our stacks of pancakes were hot this time.  Warm but not hot.  

The butter just rested on top in a solid state.  Oh well I guess it was good while it lasted.

It is very windy and the ship is rocking.  Many people are commenting and many are feeling the effects, even the crew.  Us we feel great.  I will add the next day the winds died down but the seas got worse and we were really rolling.  Holding on to railings was key and I just hoped anyone with mobility issues were okay.  This is certainly not the worst seas I have experienced.  I have had worse seas off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, and just off the coast of Fort Lauderdale too.

By the third day at sea the seas have calmed and it is warmer.

Because of the weather most people are in the public areas.  
Finding a quiet place is difficult – not unlike many ships we go on.  We get a seat in the coffee bar and usually end up chatting with someone there and surprisingly an hour goes by.  

I have been enjoying the movies in the cabin and one day they showed the movie Big Eyes and the next it was Inside Out.  

Laundry is taking anywhere from 48 hours to 72 hours to be returned.  With so many elites it is understandable.

For last night I planned a special evening for my honey to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, which is in July but this trip was planned for that.  So I spent the afternoon running around getting things.

First I called the dine line and made reservations for the Bayou at 8 pm.  I then went to the front desk and ordered a rose corsage to be delivered to the cabin before dinner (cost was $15).  

Into Calypso Cove for an anniversary card and then some chocolates.  At first the woman recommended a heart shaped box of Godiva Chocolates but I ended up with a Toblerone Bar cause I know he would prefer that.  Just before our reservation I head to the Bayou and pre order a bottle of the 50th Anniversary Prosecco for the table. 

Back in the cabin later I write up the card and a note and place it beside his bed while he is napping.  Directions are: dress smart casual for dinner, put on corsage, and meet me in Crooners for a date night.

We start with drinks (me martinis and Bernie his vodka soda) with friends.  At 8 I take him to the Bayou for dinner.  
We are welcomed and are sat at a table right by the window.  The place is very quiet (right now) and the head waiter pours the Prosecco and Bernie and I toast to a great 20 years.

George is our server and he welcomes us back.  We place our order and we notice around 15 crew arrive, many of the dancers/singers sit at two tables.  Some other crew arrive a little later.  It is nice to see them getting to enjoy a dinner out (note they have to pay the cover charge of $25 too).  

The only problem with these other tables arriving is the two waiters are now very busy with tables all over the restaurant.

We are off to one side and we are kind of forgotten.  Plates take a long time to be cleared once we have finished our meal. I even went to the washroom after my entrée and came back and my plate was still there.  Our water and wine stay empty for long periods and I once had to ask to have more water.

The food was very good. I started with the sausage and polenta again and for my entrée had the blackened chicken which was very moist and flavourful but not blackened at all.  Bernie had seafood bisque to start and the catfish for his entrée.  For dessert we shared a dish of the pound cake which was amazing.  

This was our third experience in one of the Specialty restaurants and I do enjoy them.  But sadly Princess falls short in maintaining special service in these specialty restaurants.  Sure they have been very quiet this sailing and so they have cut back on servers, but when they get a rush they should be calling for assistance from somewhere.  

Service here is usually just as good or less than dining in the dining room.  It just is not special.

But it was still a beautiful evening of celebration and as we strolled down deck 7 and arrived at the Atrium we dance a bit to the sounds of the piano player Daniel Oliver who is good but he is no Corey Simon.

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