Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Cruise Friend For Life - Gone Too Soon

You know we get to meet so many wonderful people in our travels. With some we really connect with. 

Whenever we sailed with Jimmy and Lynn Burns (which was often) we knew a lot of laughing would be involved. 

We met them a few years ago when I was doing Zumba and Lynn was watching.  Right away we both recognized each other as we had sailed together a few times prior.  

After that meeting whenever we sailed with them we always had a great time with them.  Long conversations at either James' table in Horizon Court or just outside of it on the Lido deck by the pool.  His signature hat made him easy to spot.  

If Bernie went up for some food and was gone for a while I knew he was sitting with Jimmy and chatting about everything. Sure enough I would head up and there they would be.

Jimmy would always read my blog when we sailed together. He would laugh and say whenever I saw him "boy you are having a fun time I need to follow you".  

We had the pleasure of being tablemates last year twice at the Most Travelled Luncheon with them.  We both insisted we get to sit together.

He loved to talk about future cruises, future travel plans and especially about his Granddaughter and I know he was even more excited about a new grandbaby (who would of been born by now).  

You will be missed James Burns my condolences to Lynn and his entire family. Know that it was a pleasure to have called him friend. Life is short people - enjoy every minute.

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