Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Two Last Days Sea

What can I say about today…. Well just repeat most other sea days. 

Breakfast up in Horizon Court and I have to say I was quite saddened to hear a hostess speaking to another crew member about a passenger.  I know she thought I did not hear or understand her, but I did and I was saddened.  Later I did mention it to a head waiter that we know quite well for him to deal with it how he wants.

They finally have a speedy Sudoku challenge today (thanks Chris) in the Wheelhouse.  It is well attended and it was a difficult one but I am happy to say I did come in third.  However they held it again the next day and I gave up after 20 minutes when I couldn’t read the puzzle anymore after erasing so much and still only two winners had been called.
I checked out the fruit and vegetable carving demonstration – wow these guys have talent.

There is another Onboard Outlet Sale going on but I tried to go in three times but it was way too busy and gave up.  I am sure there was nothing I really needed in there.

They were holding a pub lunch again today in the Bayou Café but we both opted for no lunch as we still were full from breakfast.

bar staff busy for happy hour

Explorers is hosting the bingo and the Happy Hour – reason is the art auction was in the Wheelhouse Bar.  This is probably one of two times I have missed the Universe Lounge.  Normally Bingo would be in Universe but to have Bingo and Happy Hour in one place meant no place to sit for everyone.  The other time is when they host the Captain Circle Parties, which also used to be held in Universe.  But in all it really has not impacted our cruise too much, but it is missed.

I will add that I was very impressed with the Bar Supervisor who found seats for people and even went and got folding chairs to ensure those that wanted a seat got one.

We settled in the chairs and tables out along the windows outside of Explorers.  Gina one of our favorite bar staff found us and made sure we were well taken care of.  I ordered the Illusion drink – yummy.

Around 4:30 we are back in the cabin and we decide to invite our friends Karin/John down for a drink.  I run up and get some snacks, chips/salsa, cheese, nuts, and fruit.  We had a great time with them.  We always have fun with them and laugh our heads off.  We hope to sail with them again soon.

Football is up on the MUTS screen tonight and just prior to that is the movie The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  I really wanted to see this but I guess I am just going to have to wait till we get on the Royal Princess in the New Year.
It is also Formal Night and we hear quite a few grumblings from passengers that they really are not up to dressing up for a third time.  Bernie certainly doesn’t want to.  So we stay casual and opt to enjoy dinner in the buffet again.

Buffet was great again and quite a few people are up here enjoying it and not dressing up.  Of course there are quite a few who just want to eat and watch the football game in comfort too.  Key is it is your vacation, do what you want.

We first attempted to check out Scott Wyler’s comedy show (totally different show than the other night) in Explorers at 7;15 but there is not a seat to be had.  With so many having first seating they headed right here afterwards.  We will come back for the later show, and we do and he was very very funny again.  Also there were even seats left for latecomers at the 9:15 show.

After dinner we head to the Princess Theater for the Production Show On The Bayou which we missed the first leg but we have to see this cruise.  This show is only on the Coral and the Island.  It use to be held in the Universe Lounge but this is even better cause it can hold more people and the set is fabulous.

Great show, and I am impressed as this is the first time this crew perform this show.  Loved it and wish it could be on more ships.

We are in bed around 10 pm, early night but Bernie says “hey I didn’t get a nap so I earned it”.

The next morning we are awake early – no surprise since we were asleep by 10:30.  It is a little cloudy but still very warm.  There is a bit more wind and we definitely feel more movement on the ship, but nothing serious.

Today is packing day!  Not my favorite.  Hard to believe it was 30 days ago we boarded and unpacked.  Around noon Bernie pulls out the bags and we both comment that these suitcases have seen better days.  They weren’t cheap, and they certainly have been on many trips but I think this will be their last voyage.  I vote for buying cheap bags cause they never last anyways.  We will see when we get home.
We are doing EZ Check for our bags.  We have two 25” bags and two small roller carry on bags.  Our bags are lighter than when we came – go figure. 

One thing I will add if you want to do EZ Check make sure you decide before the cut off.  Yesterday while sitting near the Purser’s desk and after everyone had gotten their luggage tags I saw many coming up to the desk requesting EZ Check now.  Guess what, it is too late. They need to know by a certain date so they can confirm with the airline and arrange it. 

Since our flight is not until 14:40 we will just walk out of the port and to 17th Street and get a coffee and a lunch and then catch a cab to the port.


We arrive on time and we are up early and showered and pack up the last few things into our carry on bag.  

Dining room is open until 9 am and we arrive and run into Karin and John and eat with them.

It was a nice way to end the cruise with a meal with friends.

The ship is ahead of time with the schedule and they keep making announcements that you should arrive at your designated lounge 15 minutes ahead of time.

We still have time so we just go to the Shore Excursion office area as there is no one there and there are some nice seats there to rest.

I stop in to see the crowds in Explorer's Lounge and to say goodbye to Crissy the Captain Circle host.  The Platinum Elite lounge is CRAZY busy.  

Our lounge is the casino and we show up there early and they tell us we can already go ashore.  Great!

We walk off and clear customs right away.  No need for us to pick up our bags as they have gone ahead of us to the airport.  

We are at the furthest away pier!  The Emerald is at pier 2. Apparently since she is a bigger ship with more passengers she gets priority.  This does put a wrench into our plans as we were just going to walk to 17th Street.  

We still plan on walking but it takes a half hour to walk there instead of five minutes. Note when we tried to walk away from the building many Princess Cruise staff at the pier told us we couldn't but we know we can.  They warn us there are no sidewalks.  But they are wrong.  There is a sidewalk all the way to 17th Street.  It is windy but totally safe.

Our flight is on time and we have no problem making our connection in Houston.  Our bags arrive in Vancouver right on schedule and we are home in an hour.  

I plan on writing a summary of our thoughts on the Mediterranean cruise soon, so stay tuned.

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