Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day at Sea Nov 22, 2015

It is so nice to see such a friendly face on the Patter today.  Chris Sweets our new Cruise Director is on the cover.  He is doing a great job and hope he gets his permanent position as CD soon. 

I slept like a baby but Bernie was up most of the night.  We slowly get ready and head to the Horizon Court for a light breakfast.  Clothes are definitely tighter and reality is kicking in.  A diet is in order as soon as we get home!

After reading in the coffee bar for quite a while and enjoy my coffee we both agree it may be worth heading outside as the weather has changed and it is much much warmer. 

We change into bathing suits and head up to the Sun deck.  Sadly this ship has no outdoor pool that is away from MUTS.  Princess Bride is playing on the big screen and it is almost impossible to even carry on a conversation if you are sitting nearby.  I still wish Princess would not play movies during the day here.  Light music and images would be fine.  You can’t even see the screen that well during the day, and they only show old movies during the day so it would not be a big deal. But that is my opinion.  Anyone agree?

After two hours we are worried about getting a sunburn.  We didn’t bring sunscreen – we really wouldn’t need it for most of the cruise, except for the last few days.

Bernie gets a burger for lunch (two days in a row) and I head to the pizzeria and get two slices of the special 50th Anniversary pizza.  Today it is potato bacon and brie cheese with a pesto sauce.  Yesterday it was Thai Pizza.  Have to say Princess I love these special pizzas, I hope you keep them.

We then grab two lounge chairs in the shade.  Not only to get out of the sun but it is so hot if you are sitting in the sun.  The enclosed pool is like a sauna now.

This afternoon is the Passenger Talent show and we promised our friends we would attend.  Wow the place is packed and it was quite enjoyable.  Oh and Barbara and George did a great job – now worries you two I did not take any video, but here is a picture!

It is early evening and Bernie is exhausted.  I don’t think he will be up for much longer.  I head out to the promenade deck to sit on the lovely teak lounge chairs and watch the sunset and finally finish the very long book that I started in Rome. 

Lot is going on tonight but it looks like it will be a quiet night for us.

Stephani Parker is the Spotlight Showtime but she is a singer who sings Whitney Houston songs and well I have to pass, just not my thing.  Explorer’s Lounge is doing a Remember the Lyrics Game Show; there is football on MUTS, and the big Festivals of the World Mardi Gras Party is happening in the Atrium.

Overall it was a very relaxing day.

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