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June 7th Sea Day

Had a good sleep but my voice is completely gone – go figure! 
We relax in bed and we both head up to Horizon Court for a small meal as we know we have our Most Travelled Luncheon today and it is always good and lots of food.
For the Luncheon we are number 11 of the most travelled.  We get the pic with the Captain and head to our seat.  For today’s luncheon we are sat at a table that is meant for 6 people but there are 8 of us!  We are squished in.  Bernie pushes his seat out and sits away from the table as there is no way he can push his chair up to the table because of the arms.  I am sitting beside the Chief Engineer Michele from Italy but he is squished in too.  And he basically has an obstacle course to go over to get to his seat.  Not sure what happened but boy it was not comfortable.
Because I am not feeling 100% I opt for no wine and stick with water.  The appetizer was a lovely seafood dish, and I had the halibut for my entrée.  Dessert was little cakes and then bon bons with te…

Ketchikan June 6th

We dock at 10 am and we are awake around 8 am for the picturesque views coming down the channel.  We turn the tv on and put it on 49 where they show the bridge cam so we can listen to Mark the naturalist discuss sights as we arrive.  We stare out our cabin window with binoculars close by to watch the eagles and the fish jumping.
Not sure what we are going to do today.  It is raining out, it is cold and wet (reminds me of home).  Bernie heads up to the Horizon Court and when he comes back he tells me it is an absolute zoo up there.  I told him it would be.  With docking at 10 am everyone is still on board for breakfast.  He tells me there is a woman he sat with who was complaining about the discounted price she had heard others had gotten.  When he tells her yes, they were selling this off for cheaply.  He informs her that that price was for an inside cabin guarantee.  Oh no not an inside she says.  Well that is what you get for that price, for a bit more we got an oceanview.  But for a…

June 5th Juneau

We are docking early today (6 am) but we have plans only at 8 am.  Our friend Larry from Orlando Florida is in town today for the start of his adventure.  But his is independent and not on a cruise ship.  Although we met Larry and his lovely wife Amy on a cruise ship many years ago we have kept in touch and sailed with them once more and have had them to our home when they sailed to Alaska.  Also last January they came to Fort Lauderdale to see us when we were on the Emerald.
We arranged to meet Larry at the pier and walk into town for breakfast and the Sandpiper.  It was a very yummy breakfast, but truly we just wanted to catch up with Larry.
After breakfast we walked around a bit, heading back towards to the pier.  It is wet with intermittent showers and cold because of the dampness.  So glad we did the Glacier hike last week as it would not of been fun today.
Larry drops off us off at the gangway around 11 am and we get back on and decide to stay on board for the remainder of our sta…

Skagway June 4th

We dock early and we are at the same pier with the Celebrity ship behind us, a Holland America ship is with the Star Princess at the other pier.  It is overcast and looks like we might get some sprinkles too.  

Bernie heads to the coffee bar to get me my latte and his tea and he placed the coffee card with a  dollar tip on the bar for Sanoi to punch and take and then he saw Mark the naturalist and walked over to say hi for a few minutes.  When he came back he got his drinks and left realizing he had left his card he went back but Sanoi had said that there was no card there just the dollar tip.  Looks like another passengers decided they needed the coffee card more than us and walked off with it.  Thankfully we had used up most of the card except for about five punches.  
Sanoi was a sweetie and offered to take care of us but it isn’t her fault but our own stupidity.  We have two other cards in the cabin so we will survive.  But we learned a lesson. 
Don’t know if I had mentioned but last…

Evening June 3rd

We meet up with Alberto and Peter in the Sterling Steakhouse where we are sat at a window seat.  Jasper loves meeting Alberto.

I know from last night that I definitely want the papaya quesadilla and it is very good especially the tomato with the wasabi on top.  For my entrée I have the 8oz filet mignon, but couldn’t finish it, wish they had a 5oz so I didn’t have to waste it.  It was cooked perfectly, even better than last night.  We enjoyed two bottles of Nobilo wine courtesy of Peter.  Dessert again was the peach tart but I also got some cheese to finish off my wine with.

After dinner we were so full but decided to head to the Wheelhouse to meet up with others and share in the day we all had.  It is after midnight that we get to sleep!  Oh I am going to suffer tomorrow in Skagway.

Glacier Bay June 3rd

We wake and we are travelling towards Glacier Bay.  We are here a bit later this time and when Bernie wakes he dresses and heads out to the Promenade to watch for wildlife.  I lounge for a bit longer and look out the window.  I see a whale in the distance breeching and smashing his tail down about twenty times.  He is close to the shore so I am sure he is rubbing his belly along the rocks.  It is beautiful, and I giggle as the captain comes on the tv to announce the whale, but I been watching it for about five minutes already.

Bernie comes back and asks if I saw the whale, yup I say.  Then he says “did you see the puffins” sadly no and that is one thing I haven’t seen yet and want to.  But he got a great picture of some.  I am happy to report though that about an hour later I did see some Puffins with my own eyes.  We also see otters, sea lions, eagles, other birds, and a mountain goat. 
We head up for some breakfast in Horizon Court and it is busy in there.  We offer to share our tabl…

Evening – June 2nd

We wanted to eat at Sterling Steakhouse tonight but getting a reservation was not easy.  When we boarded in Whittier the dine line was closed and I tried going up to the Sterling Steakhouse but it was not open tonight.  I was told to call the number first thing today, which I did.  I made a reservation for 6 pm for us and was informed that there is a $20 cover charge and that it is formal night.
So we head up to Skywalkers for a drink and to watch out at the view.  The place is busy, lots of people here but many are not platinum or elite and just here to check out the view and with no one checking names there isn’t much they can do.  We don’t stay long as we have the 6 pm reservations.

When we show up at the Sterling Steakhouse they don’t have our reservation.  Gee I just made it this morning!  But they have room and they sit us right by the window at a lovely table.  Peter joins us for dinner so we can celebrate his birthday with a special meal.
We bring a bottle of wine that we brought…

Ins and Outs of Bringing Wine Onboard Princess now

Thought I would update what the wine policy is now and how it works.  I had a chance to sit down yesterday with an officer on board the Diamond to clear up all possible questions about bringing wine on board at the ports and the day of embarkation.

Policy clearly states now that you can bring one bottle of wine or champagne per person per voyage.  This wine must be brought on in your carry on bags.When you arrive at the port on embarkation day when they scan your bag at security if they see a bottle of wine or other hard liquor they will ask you to go to the table at the side close to the security station.
Here they will ask you to show them the wine/champagne.  They will ask for your cabin number and will document how many bottles you have brought on.  If you have brought on more than the allotted one per person they will charge you the $15 corkage fee and they will put a stamp on your bottle showing you have paid the corkage for that bottle. 
We brought on three bottles in Vancouver w…

June 2nd Hubbard Glacier

I am so happy when I can wake up when my body wakes up and today was just such a day.  Since we are at sea making our way down south to Yakutat Bay to see Hubbard Glacier I get to sleep in.  Everyone should be happy Vickie is rested.  I wake and get dressed and sneak out to get my latte and Bernie’s tea and we enjoy it in bed watching Brett and Andy on the morning show.  
I quickly shower as the International Dining room is serving breakfast only until 9:30 and we make it there by 9:15.  But my experience on this ship has been that seating in any of the dining rooms for every meal is really poorly done.  We often experience long waits to even see the hostess/head waiter or we are shuffled to a different dining venue.  At night we have been told to go to Vivaldi or Pacific Moon as they are less busy even though we can see that there are tables available.  At lunch in International we have been told “Horizon Court is also available” which is a bit put offing since we are obviously wantin…

June 1st Whittier

We are docked and I wake around 1;30 and look out and see them loading things on board and it sure looks weird to look out my window and see dock workers.
We sleep in until around 7 – it is always hard to sleep in when so many around us are slaming doors, drawers, and the likes.  Bernie heads out to get the coffees and I get dressed and wander around a bit and then decide to head ashore to see about getting tickets for the 26 Bay Glacier Tour.

Now the ship sells this tour for $199 per person but we didn’t want to book this tour and then it not be a nice day and not be able to see much so we waited till the day off.  I knew we could go ashore and book it directly with the company.  As soon as you get off turn right and the office and catamaran is right there.  The price to book directly with them is $139 per person and it includes lunch.
Since they don’t start boarding the tour for another hour or so we wander into the bustling city of Whittier – after five minutes we have seen it all.  W…