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Punta Arenas Chile - February 28

The skies are clear as we sail towards the harbour of Punta Arenas which means SandyPoint.This city was very important, this was the refueling stop for ships when travelling around the horn.Then the Panama Canal was opened in 1914 and this city languished until oil was discovered nearby in the 1940s.The city is quite large spread over the flat terrain which reminds us of the Okanagan of B.C.

During the summer the wind blows incessantly, today the weather is beautiful around 14C and the winds are low.
It is a tender port and we have a private tour organized with to the Magdalena and MartaIslands.There are 9 of us in our group and we arrange to meet at the International Café at 9 am and head ashore as a group.Thankfully the tender ride is not very long.
We pose for the pictures on the pier and make our way thru the port terminal. Note here you have to fill out the form the ship delivers to your cabin the night prior with passport # and declaration that you are not …

Ushuaia February 27

Bernie had planned to go golfing at the most Southern Golf Course in the world today and Alice and I were planning to head ashore and head up the Beagle Channel.But around 7 am the Captain announces in all the cabins that unfortunately our stop in Ushuaia has to be cancelled.

This is politically motivated and there is a group of Argentinians that are occupying the port and don’t want our ship or the Antonian from P&O to stop because we stopped in the Falklands.We are disappointed but we also understand and we refuse to have this ruin our day.
The one great thing is that originally we were suppose to leave Ushuaia around 4 pm and we would have been going up Glacier Alley around 6:30 pm to 8:45 pm but now we will arrive mid morning and the Captain will take it very slow so we can really enjoy the beauty.

I call Alice and the three of us head for breakfast in the Capri dining room.After breakfast we bundle up and head up to the sun deck so we can check out the scenery.We grab some hot c…

Sea Day and Around the Horn – February 26

After a great sleep we are feeling refreshed, after a latte and a bite in the International Café we sit up in Crooners and chat with friends.Lots going on around the ship, especially shopping.Bought a nice fleece jacket with penguins on the back for $18 and Bernie got a nice windbreaker with fleece lining.

Bernie wants to do trivia and I am not really interested so I relax and read and chat with fellow passengers.For lunch we head to the dining room and I had a lovely stuff pepper.
Gail and Russell meet up with us in our cabin for a trivia game and some good laughs until we hear we are coming close to the horn so we bundle up and head up on deck.It is cold and windy but wearing appropriate clothes helps.

Now it is confusing to explain how we go around the horn, we are going east to west and we are just passing deception island, the island is called this because many times ships thought this was the end of South America when in fact it is not, therefore called island of deceit.
We are sai…

Stanley, Flakland Islands - February 25

We are docking early and as we head south towards Stanley numerous people are out on their deck – we are freezing our butts off with just our robes on but we can’t help it the wildlife is amazing.

We first notice whales which we later note are sperm whales.We have a few sightings of whales.Bernie is excited to see the smaller albatross and then he shouts penguins!At first we thought they were fish swimming at the surface but looking closer we see they are penguins diving down and back up to the surface to welcome us.

Today is a tender day and thankfully the waters are calm which will make the longer tender ride more comfortable.The cruisecritic gang is all meeting in Explorer’s lounge for a group tender and we are directed off right after the ship’s tours.We brave the elements and head up to the open area on the tender.Sure it is cold but we see so much more and we are excited when pods of dolphins jump and play along side the tender.

As soon as we arrive in Stanley (the town dropped the…