Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 9, 2012 Vancouver To San Francisco

We are off! Hard to believe it is finally here. We booked this trip in the Fall of 2010 and now it is February 2012 and we are starting our journey.

When we started looking at flights we knew we didn't want to fly to Rio via anywhere that was cold and could get hit with weather issues. We found a great one way flight from San Francisco and since we end the cruise there, it made sense to book a return flight Vancouver to San Francisco with the return being after the cruise.

Then it came down to when do we fly to San Francisco? Our flight to Rio wasn't until 11 ish on the the 11th of February, but Bernie and I both love San Francisco and we have friends there so we discussed it at length, he originally wanted three nights, I wanted one night because as it was the trip was already long. We settled on two nights.

Our flight we booked with airmiles with United. We left Vancouver at 3:52 and arrived in San Francisco at 6:16 pm. We had arranged a room at the Best Western El Rancho Inn near the airport - we booked it via like we do almost all our hotels at a rate of $80 per night. We have stayed here before and it is a great place with a good restaurant and a shuttle.

Our friends Barb and Craig who we met on a Panama cruise a few years ago is meeting us at the hotel for two nights and will be showing us around the next day. When we finally arrived at the hotel after waiting almost a half hour for the shuttle at the airport we were assigned to room 219. A basic room that looks like it has recently been remodeled.

Barb and Craig are just a few doors down so we stop in to say hi. Bubbly is opened up to toast the reunion. And soon after we have to eat, so we ended up at the restaurant at the hotel. Which I will say is very very good, not your typical hotel fare.

We head back to the rooms to change into more comfortable clothes. Yes I got into my pjs and Bernie into his shorts and Barb and Craig also got into their pjs. We then closed the night up with a beautiful bottle of 1984 port from Prager Winery. But we are now beat! And I am feeling a little head ache coming on, it could be the wine, champagne, or the port but no I think I am going to blame the travel.

Day one was great - and it is only the beginning

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