Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ushuaia February 27

this is as close as we got to Ushuaia

Bernie had planned to go golfing at the most Southern Golf Course in the world today and Alice and I were planning to head ashore and head up the Beagle Channel.  But around 7 am the Captain announces in all the cabins that unfortunately our stop in Ushuaia has to be cancelled. 

This is politically motivated and there is a group of Argentinians that are occupying the port and don’t want our ship or the Antonian from P&O to stop because we stopped in the Falklands.  We are disappointed but we also understand and we refuse to have this ruin our day.

The one great thing is that originally we were suppose to leave Ushuaia around 4 pm and we would have been going up Glacier Alley around 6:30 pm to 8:45 pm but now we will arrive mid morning and the Captain will take it very slow so we can really enjoy the beauty.

I call Alice and the three of us head for breakfast in the Capri dining room.  After breakfast we bundle up and head up to the sun deck so we can check out the scenery.  We grab some hot chocolate (spiked with some Baileys) and then we invite Alice and Connie and Derrick over to the balcony to enjoy the glaciers. 

We first past Devil’s Island and slowly make our way towards Holland’s Glacier, next Glacier is Italian Glacier which is stunning we even got to see ice fall from it.  We saw killer whales too.  The whole area is beautiful and reminds us of home. 

I took this reflection shot from the balcony looking into the sliding door

We figured since we save $25 in port charges today but not being able to dock in Usuhaia we figured why not use that towards a dinner in the Crown Grill with Connie and Derrick and Alice.  It was a little longer than normal, our waiter is a smoker and kept disappearing but we had such great table mates we didn’t care.

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