Monday, February 27, 2012

Sea Day and Around the Horn – February 26

After a great sleep we are feeling refreshed, after a latte and a bite in the International Café we sit up in Crooners and chat with friends.  Lots going on around the ship, especially shopping.  Bought a nice fleece jacket with penguins on the back for $18 and Bernie got a nice windbreaker with fleece lining. 

Bernie wants to do trivia and I am not really interested so I relax and read and chat with fellow passengers.  For lunch we head to the dining room and I had a lovely stuff pepper. 

Gail and Russell meet up with us in our cabin for a trivia game and some good laughs until we hear we are coming close to the horn so we bundle up and head up on deck.  It is cold and windy but wearing appropriate clothes helps. 

Gail and I

Now it is confusing to explain how we go around the horn, we are going east to west and we are just passing deception island, the island is called this because many times ships thought this was the end of South America when in fact it is not, therefore called island of deceit.

We are sailing on the north side of Cape Horn going around the horn counter clockwise.  Joe Mae our speaker is talking over the loud speaker about what we are seeing and the history of the area.  Have to say we really enjoy his talks.  His lectures are well attended but we choose to watch them in the cabin as they are replayed there.  Then when I do fall asleep it isn't so obvious and I am comfy in bed.

The ship photographers are out and they are trying to get their quota of pictures so we are trying to help by posing and getting our friends to pose too.

After about an hour up on deck we head back to the cabin to change and get ready for dinner.  Tonight’s menu is called Candlelight menu, one we have not experienced and it looks good.  I had the mushroom stuffed chicken, but they did have a lobster tail and lobster cake that looked very good. 

I should note that the Captain did come over the in cabin speakers to notify us that we may be delayed in our arrival tomorrow in Ushuaia as there is a political protest group occupying a ship at the berth that we need to dock at.  Word is that they have agreed to leave the berth at 7 am so our arrival will be delayed by an hour.

our waiter even got in on it

Tonight is Oscar night and we have arranged to have a group of us sit together in the Vista lounge to enjoy the show together.  Just prior to the show is Oscar Trivia for which we didn’t do too too bad at but still did not win.  A group of us gather and we bring out the feather boas for the show.  Great fun, good laughs and great people.  The show starts around 10:30 but sadly the sound is just so overpowering that we can’t really hear well.  After about 45 minutes we decide to head back to the cabin and we watch a bit on the t.v. but we are both having a hard time staying awake.

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