Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Sea Days

Sunday and Monday – Two Sea Days

I don’t sleep well the first night, mainly because my tummy is just not wanting to settle, not sure what it is but I have had this before.  Feels a little like an upset stomach maybe it is something I ate, maybe it is a bug I picked up who knows but feeling a little blah.  But not enough to keep me down!  I wake and Bernie isn’t in the room he must have been quiet like a church mouse cause I didn’t hear him get up and dressed.  But about 15 minutes later I hear him come back and he brings me my latte. 

I call down to Alice’s room to invite her over to enjoy her coffee on the balcony and we all catch up and enjoy the lovely view.  It is already warm and muggy out so I am sure it will be a hot one.

Looking over the patter there is nothing really that gets me moving early this morning so a great reason to just relax.  We catch the morning show and we don’t recognize Sammi the CD from any other cruises but we like her.  But once again we notice that she doesn’t do any daily trivia question or shout outs either.

We get dressed and we head down to the international cafĂ© and I get a tea and a yoghurt and fruit hoping that will settle my stomach. 

The cruise critic meet and greet is scheduled for 11 am today in skywalkers and when I arrive at about 10 minutes to 11.  There are already about 25 people!  People organizing the tours are set up at tables around the entrance, Connie has the buttons all out and is collecting monies.  I am just guessing but I guess there were about 170 people there.  I swear the air conditioning wasn’t on though it was so hot and they didn’t have anyone to do bar like they have at other times. 

Gail & Rita

Burt & Sarah
Connie with Jasper and the buttons that represent our Cruisecritic gang

Maitre d'hotel Mario

Captain Perrin

The Captain, Cruise Director, Hotel General Manager, Customer Service Director, Maitre D’ Hotel and Food and Beverage Manager all showed up and said something.  We left around 12:30 and went to the dining room for a nice lunch.  We sat with some very nice people.  I have a small salad and some pasta but couldn’t finish it all tummy just doesn’t want to enjoy food.

We are back in the cabin and we are reading but we can’t keep our eyes open!  We have a short nap and wake refreshed.  We try to sit out on the balcony but the sun is beating down and it is just way too hot, temp reading is 32.

Tonight is formal night we decided before we left that we weren’t going to do formal night so we shower and just head up to the horizon court and enjoy a light meal of mainly salad and soup.  Bernie really liked the pork they had and the cream puff dessert but I was too full.

We end up watching a movie in the cabin tonight and we are both asleep early.

Second Sea Day

We are up and there is still no Zumba class (I later find out the person who conducts it is hurt and they hope she will recover soon) so I change and head to the gym for a workout.  The gym is much smaller than the Emerald’s gym but still adequate, and the place is busy. 

I hadn’t mentioned but the demographics on this voyage is quite diverse which surprised me.  A huge variety of ages, lots of younger people and lots of older but we do notice that it is much younger than many of the cruises we have been on.  Lots of Brazilians, Chileans and Argentineans, also lots from Australia and Britain and of course lots from the United States and also Canada.

After a good hour of cardio I grab a plate of fruit and yoghurt and take it back to the cabin to enjoy on the balcony.  The weather is a little overcast and not as hot as yesterday which I am glad as I couldn’t enjoy the deck yesterday because of the intense heat.

I meet up with Bernie and we keep running into so many people from the cruise critic group that an hour has passed!  We attend trivia and well we were average… but we had fun.  Bernie decides to go rest in the cabin for a bit and I try to attend the Spanish lesson class but the place is packed and I am sitting outside of Explorer’s Lounge with Gail and Russell and it is nice to just sit and chat too.

It is now around 2 pm and I am getting a little hungry and head up to get a salad at the horizon court and run into Judy and we sit and chat for a half hour and then I head out to the sun deck to catch some rays and read and have a nice chat with Heidi and Greg from Toronto… it is one of my favorite things to do on board is meet fellow passengers and since we chatted online for so long prior it is wonderful to chat in person now.

Bernie is still napping in the cabin when I come back he has that tummy ache I had for the past two days so he tells me he is skipping dinner and since we had arranged to dine with Connie and Derrick looks like I will be going by myself with them.  We start with a glass of wine in their cabin first and then head down to the Capri dining room around 7ish and sit with our Newfoundland friends Sarah and Bert and their friends.  I had the tandoori shrimp and it was so good!

After dinner the three of us head to the Explorer’s lounge to try our hand at Jeopardize Trivia, Andy, Jennifer and Tom join our team and we win!  Our prize – Princess passport holders.

Los Gauchos is playing in the theater but don’t feel like going by myself so I am back in the cabin for 11 pm and that bed is welcoming and I am out like a light very very quickly.

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  1. Sounds great Vickie... as I read your post I am reliving my cruise in my head too! Great to hear all about it!