Sunday, February 26, 2012

Two Sea Days - Feb 23 & 24

At Sea

It is windy!  We have just cleared the river and have left the nearby Montevideo.  It is a little cooler but really not that bad.  What is noticeable is the wind but as the day progressed there were numerous people around the pools and a lot of people with sunburns this evening.  I enjoyed quite a few hours on our balcony reading and had shorts and a t-shirt on and was very comfortable.

For the day’s activities we are divided Bernie heads to trivia and I head to a Nikon Advanced photography lesson.  Really enjoyed it and learned a few things but could easily attend another one and learn even more.  A couple of espressos in the International Café chatting with friends and Bernie got a new book from the library.

international cafe

internet cafe and also library to the right - hidden

I am feeling very lazy today, two days of ports and I am ready to relax.  I grab a small bite to eat in the Horizon court, only one side is open and there is no place to sit so I cross to the other side of the ship looking for a table and the back section is closed but there are a few people on the closed section of the Horizon Court but am told the section is closed to diners – I state there is no place to sit, it is cool outside and you can’t eat out there so where should we sit?  It is 2:30 and there are not a lot of other options.  It is rather frustrating and feel they don’t need to set up the tables at 2:30 for dinner and having a place to sit until at least 3:30 would be better.

Tonight we have our Captain Circle Party at 7:30 we notice the long line up at 7:05 and refuse to wait in line especially for this long.  We take our time and relax in the Wheelhouse until the line starts moving.  We say hi to Captain Perrin and Terri and Nickie and a few others.  We take a seat with a few other friends and enjoy the gathering.  Captain Perrin is a hoot and makes us laugh with his comments.  The most travelled passengers had 1561 days at sea!  Yup 1561.

We head to the Capri dining room for a lovely meal, tonight is French night and I had the fruit kebabs to start with, then French onion soup, then the veal scaloppini and then the crème Brule for dessert.

After dinner we decide to check out Sean Alexander the Magician and Illusionist, the theater is packed and the show starts well with Vanessa his assistant changing outfits about six times with 30 seconds or less between outfits with just a drape to use for changing, amazing but it slows after that.  The rope trip again is neat and then the card trick was cool but it took about 10 minutes to do and I am almost falling asleep.  I glance at Bernie who feels the same and we leave after 30 minutes of the show and head back to the room and crash.  We leave the balcony door open tonight, love the fresh air, but end up closing it part way thru the night because of the whistling sound from the wind.

On our next sea day I am sitting here trying to think of what we did but nothing comes to mind.  I remember they had a sale in one of the restaurants and I did get a nice book about Antarctica and the wildlife and it is a great resource for $5.  It is noticeably colder today and very windy.

After some espresso and chatting with people I find a quiet area in the Wheelhouse bar to read for an hour or so.  Bernie really wanted to do the pub lunch but this is the first day they are offering it and it is held in the Crown Grill and it isn’t very big in there and they were lined up from the entrance all the way to the Future Cruise Consultant’s desk!  We went back down later and it was still really lined up, so Bernie passes and heads to the Horizon Court instead.  Note:  we have had five sea days now and there has only been one day where they have had the pub lunch, I think they may want to consider having it more often.

Wow lucky me

Tonight we went to Sabatinis with Robert and Gary and Jeff and Tom, we were sat at a huge table, which I believe was more for 8 and not six but gave us space.  We had fabulous waiters, very attentive.  Bernie and I brought some sparkling wine and a bottle of red to share and Jeff and Tom brought some sparkling wine too.  For dinner I had the calamari and the lobster three ways again, and the pasta course was fettuccini pesto.  Of course I had to end the evening with a Sicilian Kiss drink.

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  1. I've had the ploughmans (or plugman's as the waiter pronounced it bless him!!). It was ok, nothing special and definitely not what english people know as a ploughmans. It should have pickled onions, sliced apple, maybe celery, chutney etc. Definitely something. At our ploughmans it was bread ham and cheese with all the key ingredients and accompaniments missing.