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At Sea and then Princess Cays Febuary 4 and 5

Day at Sea

Sleeping in! I am too lazy to get out of bed, Bernie heads up to get some breakfast and he brings me a latte so that I can at least function. After a shower we head towards the International Café for a beverage. We see Tim Donovan and Billy London (his replacement) and welcome him on board. The Bijoux sail is happening this sailing and we take a quick walk thru but once again it is way too crowded and we walk out with nothing.

I head off to find a quiet corner to read and Bernie heads off to Trivia and when we meet up again we decide on lunch in the dining room. My first time during the entire 20 days and it was very very good. But I need to pace myself as we are dining in the Crown Grill tonight.

After lunch I feel like getting some sun and run into Paul/Yvonne and Brian/Christine but they are situated in a spot where you hear Movies Under the Sun (total waste of time) and the Neptune Pool and the band playing. It is like dueling sounds and it is driving me nuts and I head m…

St. Thomas again February 3

St. Thomas

WHAT we are docked at Havensight! This means no Water Island like last sailing. I know many on board love Havensight but we much prefer the quieter Crown Bay and the easy assess to the water taxi. Sure we could fight the traffic and head over to catch the ferry but we opt to just relax on the ship all day.

We start out with breakfast in the stateroom, then down to the International Café where we run into our new friends Millie and Jim and we end up sitting there for over an hour.

Bernie wants to finish his book so I decide to head ashore for a short time. I think I am only ashore for about an hour. It is hot out and I have become a slave to the air conditioning now.

I am back on board and am so excited to see Brian and Christine back. Bernie heads up to the Sanctuary and I decide to stay in the cabin and catch up on my blog and to watch a movie. I ordered room service (clubhouse and salad).

We have our friends Gwenda/Collin over for sail away from St. Thomas, what a beautiful vi…

St. Kitts - February 2

St. Kitts

We are pulling into St. Kitts, Celebrity Eclipse is already in port and we pull up beside her. Nice looking ship, some day I will try Celebrity.

We decide to head to the dining room for breakfast and sit with two lovely couples. Francesco sees us and asks where have we been for the past three nights. He insists that he will deliver lobster to our cabin for the formal night because we don’t do formal. We say no that is okay, we are doing the Crown Grill that night, he says he will have it for us the next night…. Oh he is precious.

It is warm out and there is a chance of those Caribbean showers and we are not in any rush to get off, but from the line up around the atrium it appears that a lot of people are eager to get off this ship for the day in St. Kitts.

We had a good laugh while sitting around the coffee bar our friend from the Purser’s desk shows up (names will be spared to protect him) and a passenger interrupts us and asks to speak to him. We see him pull our friend over t…

Barbados February 1


We dock early and we are the only ship in port. This is the excursion we have been waiting for. We once again booked Silvermoon, here is a link to their site  in fact we booked it six months to the day – the earliest you can book.

We are told to meet at gate 2 where a bus takes us to the boats. The woman who meets us is not the friendliest but seems to me she wasn't that friendly the last time either.  But thankfully Stacy and Tony are our hosts and not the grumpy woman at the pier.  There are nine of us on the catamaran! The other boat they have is less expensive but twice as many people. We head south to snorkel with the turtles. We have done this three times now but this has been the best time ever. We were surrounded by them and they even let us pet their backs (we were told this is okay but don’t hold on to them). They swam around us for at least a half hour where I got lots of great shots and video.

Our next stop is a …

St. Lucia January 31

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a beautiful port to come into, very lush and very mountainous. We are docked now and we don’t have any plans today. We were here once before and did a great tour with Cossol but don’t feel like another tour so we will probably just walk around. There was a notice last night that they will be working on painting our hand rails today all along our deck. It is 8:30 and they are out there already, so we will leave soon so they can do their work and we don’t have to deal with the smell.

We are off the ship around 10:30, we are docked where there are quite a few shops, you can take a water taxi for $3 round trip to the town, but we both needed some walking and walked to the centre of Souffries and checked out the market and local shops and neighborhoods.

Bernie picked some banana ketchup and some hot sauce. The people here are very friendly and they work very hard to get your business, don’t be put off by their aggressiveness a friendly no thank you will work.

After abou…