Tuesday, February 1, 2011

St. Lucia January 31

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a beautiful port to come into, very lush and very mountainous. We are docked now and we don’t have any plans today. We were here once before and did a great tour with Cossol but don’t feel like another tour so we will probably just walk around. There was a notice last night that they will be working on painting our hand rails today all along our deck. It is 8:30 and they are out there already, so we will leave soon so they can do their work and we don’t have to deal with the smell.

Us with Luana our favorite photographer on board from Brazil

We are off the ship around 10:30, we are docked where there are quite a few shops, you can take a water taxi for $3 round trip to the town, but we both needed some walking and walked to the centre of Souffries and checked out the market and local shops and neighborhoods.

the boardwalk we walked along to the town center

at the market - seems appropriate
Bernie picked some banana ketchup and some hot sauce. The people here are very friendly and they work very hard to get your business, don’t be put off by their aggressiveness a friendly no thank you will work.

After about two hours of walking I am tired, Bernie wants to continue so we separate and I catch the water taxi back to the ship and Bernie you walked towards the airport and a beautiful beach called Veggie Beach which had a nice resort called the Rendez vous. The beach was deserted, it had some good waves, good for body surfing, few locals and very friendly and he felt safe the entire time. On the way back he enjoyed a couple of local beers (Pitons) two for $3, another stressful day. Strangest thing was sitting on our balcony listening to the band in the square play country western music.

the ferry I took back
I ended up coming back on and grabbing a bite to eat in the Horizon Court where I met up with Brian/Christine and Paul/Yvonne where they filled me in on their day. We both ended up having a nap, in fact we slept so soundly we didn’t even hear room service delivering our canapés around 4! Good thing I was wearing clothes.

We met up with Johannes in Skywalkers for drinks, Colin/Gwenda and our new friends Millie and Jim joined us, later Peter showed up to make his appearance. Tonight the drink was cosmos and well we enduldged. Sailaway was beautiful from St. Lucia.
Tonight the Café Caribe theme is German Buffet. We grab a plate, one good thing is we don’t often over eat when we dine in the Café Caribe. Explorer’s lounge is hosting Majority Rules and we usually love the game, but once again I feel the entertainment on board is lacking and even the usual fun game is a dud, and we found it boring.

Tomorrow is Barbados we hit the hay relatively early and well after so many drinks we are passed out.

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