Saturday, February 5, 2011

At Sea and then Princess Cays Febuary 4 and 5

Day at Sea

Sleeping in! I am too lazy to get out of bed, Bernie heads up to get some breakfast and he brings me a latte so that I can at least function. After a shower we head towards the International Café for a beverage. We see Tim Donovan and Billy London (his replacement) and welcome him on board. The Bijoux sail is happening this sailing and we take a quick walk thru but once again it is way too crowded and we walk out with nothing.

I head off to find a quiet corner to read and Bernie heads off to Trivia and when we meet up again we decide on lunch in the dining room. My first time during the entire 20 days and it was very very good. But I need to pace myself as we are dining in the Crown Grill tonight.

After lunch I feel like getting some sun and run into Paul/Yvonne and Brian/Christine but they are situated in a spot where you hear Movies Under the Sun (total waste of time) and the Neptune Pool and the band playing. It is like dueling sounds and it is driving me nuts and I head more forward so all I can hear is the band. I had a nice chat with a lady from Montreal about her cruise, for which she is travelling with her three teenage daughters!

my three lovely companions

Dinner is at 6:30 but before hand a quick stop in Skywalkers for a nice glass of port is in order. We meet up with Johan and Peter in the Crown Grill and we have a fabulous dinner with great wine, great friends and great food. Bernie had the foie gras, French onion soup, and the filet mignon, I had a nice salad, French Onion soup and the filet mignon. Yummy and of course the chocolate molten lava cake, Peter had two, yup two pieces of lemon pie and he ate both! But he did share a few bites, and it was to die for. Staff once again were amazing and it sure makes for a special treat.

Peter with his two desserts, I am so jealous

After dinner it was a few more glasses of wine and we managed to make it back to our cabin just before midnight (the ship was deserted as not much was going on).

We are in Princess Cays tomorrow, our last day.

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