Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barbados February 1


We dock early and we are the only ship in port. This is the excursion we have been waiting for. We once again booked Silvermoon, here is a link to their site http://silvermoonbarbados.com/category/about-us/  in fact we booked it six months to the day – the earliest you can book.

We are told to meet at gate 2 where a bus takes us to the boats. The woman who meets us is not the friendliest but seems to me she wasn't that friendly the last time either.  But thankfully Stacy and Tony are our hosts and not the grumpy woman at the pier.  There are nine of us on the catamaran! The other boat they have is less expensive but twice as many people. We head south to snorkel with the turtles. We have done this three times now but this has been the best time ever. We were surrounded by them and they even let us pet their backs (we were told this is okay but don’t hold on to them). They swam around us for at least a half hour where I got lots of great shots and video.

Bernie petting one of the turtles

Our next stop is a snorkel spot where there are two shipwrecks. Bernie feeds the fish and there are lots of them but not too many varieties and after snorkeling in Bonaire everything is compared to that experience. We snorkel here for about another half hour. We then start heading north to a beautiful beach and drop anchor. Here we are given the opportunity to swim off the boat while lunch is prepared. A fabulous hot lunch is served (lots of food) and great beverages, beer, soda, water, rum punch, red/white wine. After lunch we can swim some more.

We pull up anchor and I lay out on the mesh at the front of the catamaran to dry off and oh my I think I am in heaven. I hear the water below me and the hot sun beating down, and laughter coming from our friends.

We are dropped off at the pier at 2:30 and again Silvermoon does not disappoint, once again they are the best excursion we have ever done while cruising and can highly recommend them.

I am sitting here on my balcony listening to the steel drum band on the deck below – gee they are playing YMCA and we both laugh! At least it is better than Country Western in the Caribbean.

Tonight is our Captain Circle Party, we are opting out of the dining room again and will head to the Horizon Court of Café Caribe.


  1. Looking forward to viewing all your photos. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time.
    Take care, Lorraine cc aka Tkennedy

  2. Sounds like you had a great day in Barbados. Enjoy the rest of the cruise! Hope you'll be back to Barbados again.