Friday, February 4, 2011

St. Thomas again February 3

St. Thomas

WHAT we are docked at Havensight! This means no Water Island like last sailing. I know many on board love Havensight but we much prefer the quieter Crown Bay and the easy assess to the water taxi. Sure we could fight the traffic and head over to catch the ferry but we opt to just relax on the ship all day.

We start out with breakfast in the stateroom, then down to the International Café where we run into our new friends Millie and Jim and we end up sitting there for over an hour.

Bernie wants to finish his book so I decide to head ashore for a short time. I think I am only ashore for about an hour. It is hot out and I have become a slave to the air conditioning now.

I am back on board and am so excited to see Brian and Christine back. Bernie heads up to the Sanctuary and I decide to stay in the cabin and catch up on my blog and to watch a movie. I ordered room service (clubhouse and salad).

We have our friends Gwenda/Collin over for sail away from St. Thomas, what a beautiful view. Today we are sent chips/salsa/guacamole which comes in handy for sail away. We all agree to meet later for Captain Circle Party, but as we go down to attend we see the long line and don’t feel like waiting in it and run into Paul and Yvonne who didn’t get an invite so we gave them ours and decided to head to dinner right at 7:30 for a dinner for the two of us and we are lucky to get to be served by Audry again. Tonight is the Chef’s dinner and Bernie enjoys the goat cheese soufflĂ©, mushroom soup and the scallops, all were very good. I had the mushroom soup and the fried chicken, but asked Audry to omit the French fries and give me a salad, well she brought me a HUGE salad, which I think I ate only 1/8 th. Of it. Francesco had another special treat for us, tomatoes and mozzarella, and then he served us some octopus, which I tried but decided I prefer looking at them underwater.

After dinner we head to Club Fusion to for the 70’s multi media trivia where we win!!! But it is a bottle of champagne and we decide to give it to the team up at the front that were so funny during the whole game so that they can enjoy it. We then head over to Explorer’s lounge to see the comedian Carl Strong, be warned don’t come late or leave early from his show or you will be targeted. He has his moments, but I guess jokes about farting and bowel movements are more of a guy thing because Bernie really thought he was funny, me not so much. He has an adult show tonight at midnight tomorrow.

It is now 11:00 and the ship has gone quiet, there is the Pub Night “If I Were Not Upon the Sea” show tonight but we’ve seen it many times and somehow the bed just sounds so much more inviting.

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