Thursday, February 3, 2011

St. Kitts - February 2

St. Kitts

We are pulling into St. Kitts, Celebrity Eclipse is already in port and we pull up beside her. Nice looking ship, some day I will try Celebrity.

We decide to head to the dining room for breakfast and sit with two lovely couples. Francesco sees us and asks where have we been for the past three nights. He insists that he will deliver lobster to our cabin for the formal night because we don’t do formal. We say no that is okay, we are doing the Crown Grill that night, he says he will have it for us the next night…. Oh he is precious.

It is warm out and there is a chance of those Caribbean showers and we are not in any rush to get off, but from the line up around the atrium it appears that a lot of people are eager to get off this ship for the day in St. Kitts.

We had a good laugh while sitting around the coffee bar our friend from the Purser’s desk shows up (names will be spared to protect him) and a passenger interrupts us and asks to speak to him. We see him pull our friend over to the side and his first few comments are “we are very seasoned cruisers but I am very concerned…..” and that is all we heard but Bernie could see that this gentleman was very concerned about something and even took a napkin out and drew a map but we weren’t sure what was going on, until our friend came back with a look of shock on his face. Apparently this gentleman is very upset and concerned about an earthquake happening in the Caribbean and a rouge wave hitting the ship and what would the Captain do. Our friend is holding back the laughs and is actually thinking maybe he was set up. Well we will have to keep playing that up.

 We head ashore around 11:30 and walk all over the town and into some of the residential areas (and yes we felt safe the entire time). We decide to head to the recommend Indian restaurant “Star of India” and oh my god that was good. Pricy (but it seems that a lot of thing are pricy here. While we were eating the waitress brought us a sample of their local rum and we loved it and made sure to pick up a bottle of the Coffee Rum, for which we gladly handed over to the staff at the gangway to be delivered to our cabin on the last night.
We like it here, but we have been here numerous times and we thought about going to the beach but since the weather is not cooperating we just hang out at the port after lunch. It is very hot and humid and the light showers are a nice break, but then the humidity kicks in again.
I tried to nap but too many interruptions, first they delivered our canap├ęs, then our room steward delivered our laundry – so much for the do not disturb.

Bernie decided to head to the Wheelhouse bar for trivia and found there was a large number wanting to play and there was also a small group that had a private party going on that was scheduled by Princess. I not sure why two events were planned for the same venue, considering that Club Fusion, Explorer’s and Adagio were all available. Mark was hosting the event and he said that since this was a port day there once again was no prizes and that this was coming down from corporate headquarters, funny since other ships do give prizes, and heck I do think that Princess can afford a cheap bag or hat as a prize. Bernie was not happy when he came back to the cabin and stated this private party group was upset that trivia was being hosted at the same time and would shout out the answers to each question, so he left after five questions. He also said he will never sail again with Tim Donnovan as the cruise director as we have never been so disappointed in the entertainment on board, thankfully the entertainment does not make or break a cruise but it certainly adds to experience.
Tonight’s drink is the mojito so we are up in Skywalkers for drinks at 6 and we run into Millie and Jim, then we are joined by Colin and Gwenda, then Trevor and Catherine then finally Paul and Yvonne. So nice to cruise with friends again and making new friends. The view of the sailaway from up there of the beautiful island of St. Kitts.
Dinner is in the dining room and it is Italian night and really enjoyed the chicken dish. After dinner we find there is nothing going on in regards to entertainment, but we are getting use to this. We head back to the cabin and we watch the movie “It’s Complicated”. Tomorrow is St. Thomas.

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