Saturday, November 27, 2010

October 19 & 20 - At Sea and Heading Home

There is always a unique feeling when you know you are nearing the end of the voyage.  There are a handful of passengers who are staying on for the return trip to Los Angeles, lucky them another glorious 14 days on board the Island, but unfortunately Bernie and I have to head home and back to work.
But first we have two more sea days!
Tonight Ed Fernandez the Hypnotist is performing in the Universe Lounge and we all attend.  Shelley ends up on stage and she is hypnotized and boy what a good laugh we all had.

Here Ed tells the participants that it is really cold and you are shivering and you need to try and stay warm - Shelley snuggles the lady beside her.

 Now they are told they are professional ballerinas, Shelley is a natural

Ed tells the men on stage that you are in labour and giving birth, the women you are there to assist them, and doesn't Shelley just jump right in and offer assistance.

We are laughing our heads off and we can barely contain ourselves.  After the show we head to the Blankety Blank The Game Show in Explorers where we have even more laughs. 

Tonight is formal night and we then attend Silvio's (Matre D'Hotel) Madhouse Dance Party in the atrium.  The band is playing the place is packed and we are all dancing away.  This is probably the best final party I have ever been to on board.

Waiters and assistant waiters are in attendance dancing up a storm.  One mime is ridding the glass elevator when Shelley and Laurie get in, check out their surprise when they see who is waiting for them.

Paula and Ming

Klaus and Krista

check out the crowds!
The next day I try to sleep in but again Bernie has placed the order for room service and I am up early when it arrives, but it is our last day on board and I want to enjoy every minute of it.  And I do.
We meet up with our friends at the Platinum Elite Lounge for a drink and a good laugh and then we head to dinner and we pack up our suitcases and they are out early, around 9 pm.
When we wake up the next morning we go for breakfast and collect our items and then we have to go to the Purser's desk because apparently they are is a credit on our account because they charged us for laundry but didn't get a chance to credit our account before they closed it.
We catch our flight home and back to reality.
In the end it was a great voyage and very very relaxing and would sign up for it again in a minute.
On a final note, we got our credit card statement and noticed that Princess ended up converting our onboard account into Canadian even though we had clearly stated we did not want this to happen when we completed our personalizer.  This ended up working out to be a $45 extra charge in the end because Princess charges a conversion fee of 3%.  I have written a letter to Princess as this is the second time this has occurred, so far we have not heard back.  From now on we will be closing our account on the last night and ensure it is charged in US funds.

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