Monday, November 22, 2010

October 10, 11 & 12 at Sea

Three Glorious Sea Days

We have three sea days now.  For some that might be a concern, but for us it means total relaxation for three whole days.

I should introduce our cruise director Brett Siborne, he was born in Jamaica but calls Abbotsford BC home, which is quite close to where we live.  He was recently promoted to Cruise Director and well I can say he is one of the best CD we have ever had.

I am relaxing, Bernie gets room service delivered in the mornings and then we head to the coffee bar for our latte. 

At 11 I went to see a lecture by Gary Shahan (the 2nd lecturer on board) about Crossing the Pacific, from Birds to Canoes and how they did it.  It was good but I am just glad I didn't fall asleep.  Bernie met me after the lecture and we head up to the Horizon Court as they are having a Mexican Buffet.  When we arrive there is a huge line so we queue up and I was very impressed to see the head chef as well as the Matre d'hotel refiling the buffet.  Now that  is teamwork.

Bernie heads off to the afternoon lecture "The History of New Spain" and I head off to join Laurie and Shelley at Extreme Pictionary.  As I head back to the cabin I notice the fire crew doing a drill.

I've decided to host a little girl's gathering for Barb, Shelley and Laurie.  I arranged for afternoon tea to be delivered to the cabin for 2 pm, but got a few other items from the buffet to share.

The afternoon tea arrived around 2 and then the ladies arrived.  We enjoyed some tea and scones, but soon after the wine was opened and we were giving each other facials and doing each others' nails.  It was pure pampering with lots of laughs.  Needless to say I am not allowed to post pictures of this event, let your imagination run wild.

Tonight we had dinner with our new friends Shaun and his wife Donna from Edmonton and we head off to the Explorer's Lounge for Brett's World of Travel Challenge which was a lot of fun as Brett showed pictures from his adventures and we had to name the place, the flag, the airline.  Can't remember if we won, but I know we had fun. 

The next day beings as usual - so nothing exciting to report.  One thing is today is the Canadian Thanksgiving and we were quite impressed to see when we arrived in the dining room that the chef had arranged for turkey dinner as an extra option.  Thanks Princess it was appreciated. 

Rob and Laurie are doing the Chef's Table tonight so we head to dinner with Rob and Jim and we are joined by two other couples.  Bernie brought a bottle of champagne and it was such a nice treat and a great meal and company was enjoyed.  After dinner we were tired but we went to see the comedian Lorenzo, he was okay, again he is someone we have seen before.  Princess needs to get new entertainers, or we need to sail less, nope rather the first option.

It is definitely hot out, lots of people are out enjoying the lovely weather.  Shelley, Bernie and I attend the English Pub Lunch and today's menu is a little different - we ordered the shrimp and it was so good, and not greasy at all. 

After lunch I attend the Scattergories Challenge and we surprisingly win but really had a good laugh with my teammates.

At 2:30 Jason from the cruise staff is hosting a Poolside Music Trivia so I head up and run into Carolyn and Ken from Abbotsford, I get one of the answers right and come away with a Princess grocery bag.

Carolyn and Ken

Shops on board

Library where you can borrow books for the entire cruise
This afternoon I head back to the cabin and watch on the inhouse channel the documentary on the Panama Canal "A Man, A Plan, A Canal - Panama" and "Modern Panama Canal"

Tonight we attend another trivia contest, North American TV Theme Song Challenge, our friend Paula knows way too many TV Theme Songs.
wonderful sea days

or you can always work out

but ideally I rather rest up like Jasper is doing here

and a little sun, don't forget the sunsceen

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