Saturday, November 27, 2010

October 17 - Cartagena, Columbia

Cartagena Columbia

I am tired, been quite a few busy days and as I wake and throw the robe on and head out to the balcony I see we are all ready docked and it is only around 7:30.  It is another hot and humid day, and I am struggling and thinking of ways to get out of going ashore.  But Bernie says it is a short visit and we will regret if we don't go ashore.

So I get dressed and we pack our camera and I am off and the humidity hits me as soon as I head ashore.  We were here last year and we go to get a taxi and we see right away, as was the same last year, that the people at the port are trying to get us on a tour.  We were offered a tour for $20 but all we really want is a taxi.  We leave the port area where the taxis are and we are offered a taxi ride to old town for $4, but $5 is a good price too.  We are dropped right in front of the main gates and we run into Rob & Shelley and Jim & Laurie who are trying to figure out what and where to go.

This city is beautiful, one of the more beautiful cities I have ever seen.  It is very safe here, I know a lot of people are worried here but I felt great and have certainly felt less safe in other ports.  If you do feel a little nervous then I would recommend a nice tour.

check out these doors

the old city is surrounded by a wall, here is a great view on top of the wall and a nice breeze

We are looking for a washroom and there is a hotel here, so we enter and there is a beautiful courtyard and what do we see!  Check out the fruit loops bird.

Last year I got a picture in front of this statue and I had to get another shot this year.  Now this is a real woman!

Below are some shots of the board just at the exit to the port that shows prices for tours, and taxi fares.  Hope you can read this.

Since we depart early we are back at the pier around noon and head back on board. 
isn't she beautiful

After a quick shower and a quick bite to eat I am heading to the Princess Grapevine Wine Tasting in the Provence Dining Room.  I invited Rob to be my date as Bernie isn't interested and we get complimentary wine tasting with Elite Status.  I wish I could say it was a good time but the only good thing was chatting with Rob and Craig as the woman beside me was driving me nuts with her comments, couldn't wait to get out of there.

For the evening we had a lovely dinner in the dining room and then went to Explorer's Lounge for the Weakest One Gameshow where Bernie and Shaune entered, and some good laughs were had.

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