Saturday, November 27, 2010

October 16 - Transiting the Panama Canal

Pamana Canal Today

We are here again!  I am so happy, for dedicated cruisers Panama Canal is their place.  But having been here just last year I am feeling a lot more relaxed about our transitioning of the canal.  I am wakened relatively early, mainly because of room service being delivered.  Here are some facts about the canal:

We are sailing towards the Bridge of the Americas, I am not even dressed as we sail under the bridge.  We line up to enter the first set of locks "Miaflores Locks", the time is around 7:00 am.

We are in our robes sitting on the deck and travelling thru the locks and then we start to head towards the Pedro Miguel Locks.  But we are hungry and decide to head to the dining room for breakfast.

The dining room is very quiet, we are sat at a table for two right beside the window.  Below shows us in the Pedro Miguel Lock with only about a foot between the window and the lock wall.

After breakfast we are up on deck as we leave the lock and it is hot!  Well really it is humid.  I decide to wander the ship and take pictures for a bit.  Bernie heads back to the cabin.

see how close we are to the wall!

We have now cleared the lock and we are heading to the new bridge - Centurian Bridge, that we travelled over yesterday - looks like the Golden Ears Bridge that they just built in Maple Ridge, B.C.
looking back at the Piedro Miguel Lock from behind

Centurian Bridge

see how steep the sides are - this is the infamous Gaillard Cut where so many lost their lives

The ship once again did the poster contest.  I did up the sign two days prior and Bernie is the one who came up with the quote, but we try to live by it every day.
The damn that created Gatun Lake

These little row boats are used to throw the lines to the ships
We have been travelling thru the Gatun Lake and had a relaxing time there.  We ordered room service and waited for our friends Craig and Barbara to come on over to enjoy some champagne while we travel thru the last set of locks - Gatun locks.

Bernie and Barbara at the aft of the ship going thru the Gatun Locks

crocodiles spotting

My man enjoying the scenery.  We exit the canal around 1530 and we are back to the cabin to relax after a long day, but a great one.

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