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October 13 - Puntarenas Costa Rica

Puntarenas Costa Rica

This is our second time here, last year we were here and we went to an adventure park and had a great time.  This time we thought we should venture out and see more of the country.

We arrive bright and early - 7 am - and the pier is very very long, you can see the buses lining up

We had booked a tour ahead of times with Greenway tours in Costa Rica.   The tour was called 6 in 1 Puntarenas Highlights.  Our guide was at the pier first thing and we got in the van with Rob and Shelley and two other couples and we were on our way.

Our first stop was at Tarcoles River Bridge where we get out and walk across the bridge to check out the crocodiles in the water below.


this is the view from the bridge

Crodiles just below us

and they are BIG

and they look hungry

We get back in the van for a short drive to Carara National Park, here we get out start our walk throughout the park and our guide identifies the various plants, birds, insects and sounds.  Oh did I tell you how freaking hot it is.

Rob checks out the wildlife

I am sorry I can't remember the name of this animal but it is of the racoon family

After spending about forty minutes here we head back to the van for a visit to Santa Lucia Village, which personally I thought was beautiful but really could of been missed.  It was a resort that has built a small village in the back with a church, store, even a western saloon, go figure.

These are cocoa pods, you crack it open, dry the pods and you get a small cocoa pod

We are now heading towards Orotina Town about 20 minutes away.  Our guide wants to know if we want to stop for an authentic lunch, and we are all game.   We arrive and are led to the kitchen where our guide shows us the lunch menu.  Food is cooked on this fire stove. 

their specialty is beef tongue, which one couple ordered and I tried

we ordered chili rellenos, yummy
Of course a couple of cans of the local beer - Imperial - below Jasper enjoys it too

the owners' granddaughter

We now make our way back to the pier.  The tour was good, but not great.  Felt we missed out on and was not delivered what was promised, but still for the dollar amount it was a good tour.  But I am sorry I can not recommend Greenway Tours.

We are dropped of at the pier and there are still a lot of people trying to sell us tours or help out.  Not a lot of ships come here so be prepared this is how people make their money.  We are looking for a grocery store and just want to walk around a bit. 

So we are walking and Bernie is ahead of me by about 15 feet, and as he walks by a dark store front the busker outside is trying to draw Bernie in saying "sir do you want beer, wine, cigars, women, sex?" Bernie laughs and as I approach and I say laughingly "if he is going to get sex, he is going to have to get it from me".

Here is Shelley and Rob strolling down the streets of Puntarenas

We find the grocery store and we pick up the few things we need.  We hand out pencils and Canadian tatoos, below is the security guard who is so happy to get the tatoo he puts it on his arm right away.

From the beach we get a great shot of the ship.  All along the beach you will find vendors selling all kinds of stuff.


We get back on the ship around 5 pm and shower and relax for a bit and check out the documentary "The Brave Who Built the Panama".

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