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Aruba and Home - September 28 - Oct 1

Aruba and the last two sea days.

We arrived into Aruba with beautiful sunny weather. Now we have been here two times this year all ready, and it isn't one of our favorite places and I thought, this is the day I am going to relax and enjoy myself. Jerry/Rose and Karen/Allan went ashore, and Bernie went to just pick up a few souvenirs. I stayed on board.

Bernie was only gone for about a half hour and back on board stating that there were lots of souvenirs but the prices we too high and he didn't want pay that much for junk. Again we are the first ship in port for the season.

I decided the Sanctuary was my place today. I went there for the afternoon and relaxed, I was the only one there.

The next two days are sea days and relaxation are in order, as if we aren't relaxed all ready! We spend the next day in the Sanctuary. We arrive for the afternoon session and there are a few people around. On the Island the Sanctuary is located aft, right behind the gym, and right above…

Cartagena Columbia - September 27

I am in Columbia!

We wake up early as we are only in port for the morning and I want to really see this country and the city of Cartagena. We open the door to the balcony and bamm, the heat hits us again, the humidity is already very high and all the mirrors and windows in the cabin fog up instantly.

We dock at what looks like an industrial section, amongst container ships. When we get off we are welcomed by people in period costumes, and free fruit/candies from the area. Again we are the first ship in port of the season.

We walk thru the port area, at first there are taxi asking for your business, but most want to just sell you tours. We didn't want to do a tour this time, we are a little toured out and just want to do our own thing. Karen and John are joining us, and we walk thru the gates of the port to the taxi line and hire a taxi. For $20 total we are taken to the "Old Town" and dropped off at a flea market craft place. We didn't go in to look but there looks lik…

Panama Canal - September 25

Woke up all excited, today is the day I finally get to transit the Panama Canal. Now for a long time I dreamed about cruising and the cruiser's dream is transiting the Canal. It is there so I have to do it. You can feel the excitement on the ship, many are up very very early. Again we are the first cruise ship of the season to go thru the canal.

Shot of the city first thing in the morning before the sun comes up -- this is around 5 am, but we were all up.

First order of business was getting latte

Look who I found up on deck, John.... the ship is quiet but people are moving about getting ready for the event.

Now prior to our crossing we had listened to lecturers (which are re broadcast in the cabin), had read thru books, watched the "Building the Canal" documentary, and scanned thru the pamphlet that they delivered to our cabin. I had a good grasp of what was involved, I could comment on what lock we were going thru and when and how things were built. But now that I a…